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Eurolift BH Electric Belt Hoists (BH1 / BH2 / BH5)

The Verlinde Eurolift BH electric belt hoists from 63kg to 6,500kg which are specifically designed for hygienic and cleanroom applications such as pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, aerospace and food preparation.

Eurolift belt hoists are suitable for a variety of configurations including fixed position, manual and electric monorail, overhead/underslung cranes, as well as for use on light crane systems such as Eurosystem.

  • Non-metallic, lubrication free high strength lifting belt
  • Options available for hygienic/cleanrooms and applications that require control of particulate and microbial contamination
  • Available with a range of stainless steel equipment to suit demanding hygienic environments
  • Dual-speed electro-magnetic brake with automatic wear compensation
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Technical Information

One of Verlinde's most innovative products, the Eurolift BH electric belt hoist is available as standard or in a stainless steel version specifically for a hygienic/cleanroom operation. It's impressive technical features include:

  • Dual-speed lifting
  • Enhanced belt guide safety feature
  • Hoist motor with IP55 protection, class F insulation and thermistors
  • Enclosed silent and sealed gear box
  • Adjustable upper and lower limit switches
  • Two-speed lifting motor with electro-magnetic brake and automatic wear compensation
  • True vertical lift
  • Pendant push button box with emergency stop and IP65 protection
  • Overload limiter
  • Travelling limit switches available as an option
  • Low voltage control (48V)
  • NFE 52070 standard
  • Minimal hook height and hook approach distance
  • Customisable with stainless steel components for hygienic/clean room environments
  • Dyneema lifting belt on the BH5 as standard, or available as an option on BH2


Download Verlinde Eurobloc VT commercial and technical documents:


Eurolift BH electric belt hoist configurations:

Integral Eurosystem Trolley
Integral Eurosystem Trolley

The Eurolift BH electric belt hoist can be fitted in to a low headroom trolley for use is the Eurosystem ST and ALU light crane systems.

EUROLIFT BH Electric Belt Hoist with Fixed Suspenson 1
Fixed Suspension

The Eurolift BH electric belt hoist with fixed suspension is not equipped with a trolley and is used for applications where horizontal movement is not required.

Eurolift BH Electric Belt Hoist with Low Headroom
Powered Low Headroom

Fitting the Eurolift BH electric belt hoist with a low headroom trolley delivers optimum use of the height of lift available.

Eurolift BH Electric Belt Hoist with Fixed Suspension
Manual Low Headroom

The Eurolift BH electric belt hoist manual trolley configuration within a reduced headroom working environment provides maximum height of lift.

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