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LightRig Chandelier and Lighting Hoist/Winch

The LightRig has been developed for industrial lighting applications where regular maintenance and cleaning operations can become expensive or difficult due to light fittings being mounted in inaccessible location or where maintenance would cause disruption and inconvenience, and would need to be safely conducted.

The LightRig is a self contained, remote controlled unit that can be ceiling mounted containing a compact motor and pulley mechanism to raise and lower a steel wire rope. The steel wire rope is terminated to a plastic coated disc and eyebolt which is used to attach you own light fitting up to a maximum of 15kg self weight.

  • A self contained, remote controlled lighting winch/hoist
  • Automatically disconnects the electrical power supply to your light fitting during the winching
  • Reduces the need for access equipment
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Technical Information

The technical specification for our LightRig Chandelier and Lighting Hoist/Winch:

  • LR12 model provides a lifting capacity of 5kg to 12kg
  • LR12 model has a lowering distance of 15 metres
  • LR12 model unit weight is 3.2kg
  • Remote controlled lighting hoist/winch
  • Steel wire rope terminates to a plastic coated disc and eyebolt used to attach your own light fitting
  • Power supply to your light fitting is by 3 core 1.5mm sq cable and patented circular contacts
  • LR15 model provides a lifting capacity of 7kg to 15kg
  • LR15 model has a lowering distance of 10 metres
  • LR15 model unit weight is 3.3kg
  • Can be ceiling mounted and contains a compact motor and pulley mechanism for raising/lowering steel wire rope
  • Electrical power supply automatically disconnected during winching
  • The LightRig is safe and reliable and virtually maintenance free
Chandelier Winch Product Overview
Adjustable Lowering Height

Adjustable Lowering Height

The LightRig Chandelier and Lighting Hoist/Winch can be easily raised and lowered to the users desired height. The chandelier winch also has the ability to 'remember' the users predefined lowering height so that this can be stored within the system for easy and quick use in future operations.

The LightRig Chandelier and Lighting Hoist/Winch

Dimensions for the LightRig Chandelier Winch and standard mounting option:

LR12 Dimensions Drawing
LightRig Chandelier Winch Standard Mounting Option 1
Electrical Contact Plates Portrait

Electrical Contact Plates

Electrical contact is made by way of spring loaded contacts plates within the main unit and fixed contacts in the lowering coupler of the LightRig Chandelier and Lighting Hoist/Winch.

Upon lowering the chandelier winch the internal relay isolates the electrical supply. Once the unit is in a raised position, the relay returns power to the lower contacts.


Download the LightRig Chandelier and Lighting Hoist/Winch technical guide:

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Working with a Design Consultant we were given a brief to design and manufacture a feature lighting scheme for the front entrance of the store using spheres.

The store also wanted a functional system to allow maintenance and cleaning to the normally inaccessible panes of glass at the front of the building and the hope was that this could be somehow incorporated into the atrium lighting solution.

TK Maxx Atrium Lighting Solution

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