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Eurochain VR Electric Chain Hoist – 7,500kg (VR25)

The Eurochain VR range of electric chain hoists showcase complete innovation and have been developed with new materials and new operating concepts in mind to deliver a robust, flexible lifting solution for loads of up to 7,500kg, with 3 falls of chain.

  • Simplified maintenance operations
  • Extensive range of lifting speeds delivering increased productivity
  • Broader range of lifting capacities
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Technical Information

The Eurochain VR (7,500kg) electric chain hoist is designed to provide users with the maximum level of safety. It is delivered with the following equipment as standard:

  • New lift wheel with perfect push system
  • Torque limiter
  • Disk brake
  • 3m standard height of lift
  • Dual-speed lifting
  • Fitted with electric limit switches
  • IP55 lifting and travelling motor
  • Thermal protection on lifting motor
  • Tropicalised protection (lifting and travelling 90-95%)
  • Galvanised lifting chain
  • 2-buttons on fixed hoist unit or push travel trolley
  • 4-buttons on fixed hoist unit or push travel trolley
  • Emergency stop button
  • 400V/3Ph/50Hz or 415V/3Ph/50 Hz or 460V/3 Ph/60 Hz power supply
  • Low voltage 48V control
  • RAL 7021 epoxy powder paint
  • Chain bag
  • Variable speed travel motor
  • Supplied with EC deceleration of conformity
  • Plug-in pendant


Download Verlinde Eurochain VR commercial and technical documents:


Electric Powered Trolley

The Eurochain VR electric chain hoist fitted to a variable speed travel trolley can be electronically manoeuvred.

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Hoists, whether they are electric chain hoists, manual chain hoists, electric wire rope hoists or electric belt hoists are all manufactured with 10 years of serviceable life before a major overhaul or replacement is required. The ten year service life may not necessarily be a physical ten years of operation, but may be used up more quickly or slowly based on how the machine is being operated during its working life.

In order to help evaluate the working life of a hoist you need to be able to calculate how much of the original manufacturers Safe Working Period exists after your lifting operations have occurred.


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