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Our Winches

Hoist UK offers a full range of single and three phase multi-purpose electric winches for use in a variety of applications. Electric winches are versatile lifting and pulling appliances, lending themselves to easy adaptation and are widely used throughout the industrial market for both permanent and temporary applications.

The range of designs and capacities is extensive and many electric winches are designed for specific applications in different environments. Our products are used for pulling and lifting operations that would be almost impossible to move by hand.

Our range of electric winches allow for higher lifting capacities ranging from 125kg to 10,000kg with larger drum capacities of up to 200 metres enabling longer rope movements compared to manual winches. Operating speeds vary with the designs of the winches and the speed of the electric winch depends on the load and application.

Depending on the type of powered winch required, the voltage will range from 230V up to 400V and all our electric winches comply with the EC Machinery Directive.

Tirlift Winch

Why choose us?

Our electric winches offer unmatched power, versatility, and safety for all your lifting or pulling applications.

When it comes to heavy lifting and pulling tasks, electric winches are an indispensable tool that offers superior power, efficiency, and safety. Whether for industrial applications, construction sites, or marine operations, electric winches provide a reliable and robust solution for handling heavy loads with ease. In this section, we will explore the features, capabilities, applications, and safety considerations of electric winches from our standard range.

Hoist UK, in partnership with Verlinde and Gebuwin, offers a wide range of electric winches, including powered winches and motorised winches, to cater to diverse industry needs.

Features and Capabilities


Electric winches are known for their impressive power, driven by electric motors that deliver consistent performance. The electric motors ensure smooth and precise operation, allowing users to control the lifting or pulling operation effectively and safely. These winches are capable of handling heavy loads efficiently, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

Load Capacity

Electric winches boast impressive load capacities, ranging from light-duty options for smaller loads to heavy-duty models capable of handling several tonnes. The load capacity varies depending on the specific model from our Verlinde and Gebuwin range, but electric winches are designed to tackle even the most demanding lifting and pulling tasks.


Electric winches are highly versatile, offering a solution for various industries and applications. They can be used in manufacturing, construction, marine, automotive, and other sectors. Their adaptability makes them an indispensable asset across different job sites and lifting scenarios and can be used in permanent or temporary installations.

Customisation Options

Leading suppliers like Hoist UK offer a variety of models and customisation options to meet specific customer requirements. From unique load capacities, different control systems and drum sizes to specialised mounting options, businesses can tailor electric winches to suit their precise needs by talking to our in-house team of technical specialists.


Electric winches find applications in a multitude of industries and tasks, including:

Construction: Lifting heavy building materials, scaffolding, and equipment or in pulling applications moving loads up to 40 tonnes (40,000kg) or more.

Manufacturing: Moving heavy machinery and equipment within factories and warehouses. Moving could be a combined lifting and pulling operation or just one of the two.

Offshore and Marine: Assisting with ship docking, anchor handling, and cargo operations.

Automotive: Recovering vehicles stuck in difficult terrains or pulling equipment.

Entertainment Industry: Supporting stage and lighting equipment setups. Hoist UK can also provide specialist performer flying winches for spectacular flying effects by circus artists or stunt performers

TVI Industrial Electric Winch

Models and Variations Available

Hoist UK, in collaboration with Verlinde and Gebuwin and own range of winches, manufactured in the United Kingdom offers an extensive selection of electric winches, including:

Electric Winches for Sale: Hoist UK provides a range of electric winches for sale, with different load capacities and features to match individual requirements and budgets.

Powered Winches: Powered winches refer to electric winches that are driven by electric motors and not manually operated like a hand winch. These winches are highly efficient and easy to control, making them suitable for various applications.

Motorised Winches: Motorised winches encompass a broader category, including electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic winches. Electric winches fall under this category due to their electric motor-driven operation and Hoist UK can also assist with hydraulic and pneumatic winch enquiries through our standing in the lifting trade and contacts.

Installation and Safety

Installation Process: Proper installation is crucial to ensuring the optimal performance and safety of electric winches. Hoist UK provides comprehensive installation guidelines and support to ensure that the winches are mounted correctly and securely. Additionally, our expert team can assist in integrating winches into existing setups for seamless operation. We can also provide installation, testing and commissioning services on your site to ensure equipment is placed into service correctly and safe to use for your personnel.

Safety Considerations: Safety is of paramount importance when working with electric winches. These powerful machines demand careful handling and adherence to safety protocols. Users should receive proper training to operate electric winches safely. Additionally, it's essential to perform regular maintenance and inspections to keep the winches in a serviceable condition under LOLER or PUWER. We can also provide standard and bespoke training packages to help your operators gain competency on the equipment provided for their use, as well as pre-planned maintenance packages for all your lifting and handling equipment on site.

Certifications and Standards: Reputable electric winch suppliers like Hoist UK ensure that their products adhere to industry standards and certifications, guaranteeing the winches' safety, quality, and reliability to ensure they are fit for purpose. Compliance with regulations provides customers with confidence in the performance of the winches and all pieces of lifting and handling equipment under regulations such as LOLER and PUWER.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an electric winch work?

Electric winches operate using an electric motor and gearbox that powers the drum to wind or unwind the cable or rope. When the motor is activated, it generates rotational force, which is transmitted to the drum.

The cable or rope is wound around the drum, and as the drum turns, it pulls or lifts the load attached to the other end of the rope. Electric winches are controlled using a handheld remote or a control panel, allowing users to regulate the speed and direction of the winching process.

Hoist UK can also supply winches without control, so you can add them to your control system.

Are these electric winches suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, electric winches are suitable for outdoor use. Reputable manufacturers like Hoist UK, in partnership with leading brands like Gebuwin and Verlinde, design their electric winches to withstand various environmental conditions.

These winches are often equipped with weather-resistant features such as sealed enclosures and corrosion-resistant materials, making them suitable for outdoor applications, including marine, construction, and off-road scenarios.

Can electric winches be used in hazardous environments?

Electric winches can be used in hazardous environments, but it is crucial to select winches specifically designed for such conditions.

For hazardous locations where there may be explosive gases, vapours, or combustible dust, it is essential to choose winches that comply with relevant safety standards, such as ATEX or IECEx certifications.

We offer electric winches that meet these stringent safety requirements, ensuring safe operation in hazardous environments. The Hoist UK technical team are an invaluable source of information for any of your applications which are special or bespoke.

How do I select the right electric winch for my needs?

Selecting the right electric winch involves considering several factors:

Load Capacity: Determine the maximum weight or mass you need to lift or pull and choose a winch with a suitable load capacity that exceeds this weight.

Power Source: Electric winches are powered by electricity, but there are also hydraulic and pneumatic winches available. Choose the power source that best suits your application and available resources. Hoist UK can supply winches suitable for single-phase and three-phase electrical supplies.

Line Length: Consider the required length of cable or rope to reach your desired location and operational distance.

Mounting Options: Assess the available space and mounting options to ensure the winch fits and operates efficiently in your workspace. Winches can be used with diverter pulleys to locate them in a different area, but in these cases, you need to consider the additional load on the winch from the changes in direction on the winch rope and increase the capacity of the winch to accommodate this.

Speed and Control: Some applications may require adjustable winch speeds for precise operations, so select a winch that offers the necessary speed options. We can fit your winch with a variable speed drive (VSD) to give you speeds which can be adjusted and have the ability to have soft start and stop features along with a host of other special features from the inverter drive.

Safety Features: Ensure the chosen winch adheres to safety standards and certifications for your industry. We only supply winches supplied with an EC or UK Declaration of Conformity for your safety from our own manufacture or from reputable global winch manufacturers such as Verlinde and Gebuwin.

Consulting with experts at Hoist UK can help you identify the most suitable electric winch for your specific needs.

Do electric winches require regular maintenance?

Yes, like all machinery, electric winches require regular maintenance to ensure their optimal performance and longevity. Regular maintenance helps identify and address potential issues before they escalate into more significant problems.

Typical maintenance tasks include inspecting cables or ropes, checking motor performance, lubricating moving parts, and examining safety features. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines and schedule, and Hoist UK can provide technical assistance and support for maintaining your electric winches.

We can also provide scheduled maintenance and statutory inspection of all lifting equipment under The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER).

Can the speed of the winches be adjusted?

Yes, electric winches often come with adjustable speed settings, allowing users to control the winching process based on the specific requirements of the task at hand.

Normally speed control is provided by a variable speed drive (VSD), however, winches can also be fitted with a basic electrical control for one or two-speed operation. Variable speed is particularly useful for applications that demand precision and controlled movement.

The ability to adjust the winch speed makes these electric winches versatile and suitable for a wide range of lifting and pulling operations to suit your specific application.

Are electric winches compatible with different power sources?

Some electric winches are compatible with various power sources, including AC and DC power however Hoist UK are more of a specialist in winches using AC power.

This flexibility for winches allows users to adapt the winches to different power supply configurations or use them with portable generators or batteries. Hoist UK, in partnership with Gebuwin and Verlinde, offers electric winches that can accommodate different power sources, making them versatile for various work environments.

We can supply winches for use with different mains voltages such as 400V/415V 3 phase as well as 110V or 240V single phase.

Can I get customised electric winches to meet specific requirements?

Yes, we understand that each industry and application may have unique needs.

We offer a range of customisation options, including load capacity, drum size, mounting configurations, and additional safety features, to tailor the electric winches according to your specific requirements. Consult with our experts to design a custom electric winch that perfectly suits your lifting needs.