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"Buy British" Range

In order for the UK economy to prosper, companies need to start trying to "Buy British" wherever possible.

Hoist UK offer products that are designed and manufactured in-house by our dedicated team of engineers to give you as the customer a true choice in helping the British economy recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and to prepare for BREXIT.

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Light Crane Systems from Hoist UK

The Hoist UK (HUK) light crane system (LCS) has been designed as a versatile and modular lifting and handling solution. With extensive stocks held in the UK and with an optimally designed range of standard components, systems can be configured to suit almost every application.

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What is industrial lifting equipment?

At Hoist UK, we offer a range of industrial lifting equipment and handling gear. Our focus is on quality, innovation and safety. So all of our industrial lifting equipment will boost your company’s productivity and safety!

We stock industrial lifting equipment from the top lifting equipment brand (Verlinde). Some of the lifting equipment we offer are high calibre electric chain hoists, wire rope hoists and winches.

What types of lifting equipment do you stock?

Lifting Beams / Spreader Beams are available in both aluminium and steel, which can be used for lifting loads and offer multiple lifting points (2 or 4).

Electric Chain Hoists can lift from 63kg to 10000kg. This type of hoist can be used with jib cranes and gantries.

Light Crane Systems are available in both aluminium and steel and it allows you to lift loads from 125kg to 2,000kg. This system is particularly great if you are working with low headroom areas.

Portable or Mobile Gantry Cranes are excellent for indoor and outdoor use, you can purchase in either aluminium or steel, and the lifting capacity is 250kg to 5,000kg.

Jib Cranes can lift from 63kg to 10000kg and span across 8 metres, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Winches are a piece of equipment that can pull and lift equipment, all have been designed for various uses and load weights.

Also, we offer a wide range of lifting accessories such as collared eyebolts, base deck eye plates, dee and bow shackles and chain/round/webbing slings.

What can lifting equipment help me with?

The industrial lifting equipment that we offer helps speed up jobs and reduce the risk workers are put through while lifting or lowering loads in the workplace. Lifting equipment is a workplace essential if you are dealing with lifting or lowering loads. Loads may include materials, machinery or pallets.

Lifting equipment will allow your company’s operations to run smoothly and safely.

What is the 'buy British’ lifting equipment range?

Buying British equipment can help the UK’s economy to prosper, and we ask companies to buy British equipment wherever they can. The more companies that buy British, the sooner the UK can recover from the cost of the COVID-19 pandemic and unemployment rates will go down too.

British equipment is made to strict and controlled standards. The quality control systems that are put into place assure that standards are kept high by ensuring that all products are traceable, so you are almost guaranteed to have no issues with British equipment.

It could be tempting to purchase from outside of the UK if you find a cheaper option, but cheaper is not always better. The lifting equipment you are waiting for may sit in transit for over a month, Brexit may further affect waiting times and there is the possibility of hidden costs.

What is a lifting hoist?

Lifting hoists are popular choices for lifting equipment across all industries. We offer electric and wire hoists, both have different advantages and are suitable for different things. For example, electric hoists are more flexible so they are better suited for non-fixed applications whereas wire hoists (although they can be moved) are better for fixed applications.

What is a winch?

A winch is a piece of lifting equipment that has been created to lift or pull loads by using a cable. At Hoist UK, we offer an electric e-Winch, which is the newest winch offered by us. It can lift from 250kg to 3,000 kg. Also, we offer a chandelier, manual, steel winch and many more.