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Mobile gantries are largely supplied as a standard configuration but can also be custom designed and manufactured to specifically suit the customers intended application and unique requirements.

One of the most essential considerations you will need to make is the dimensions of the gantry, which includes the overall length, height and width and should also take factor in any obstructions or limitations that may apply. The internal dimensions of the gantry are of equal importance and will include the span and effective length, as well as the size and nature of the load and placement of the load.



Our customer approached Hoist UK to enquire about our ability to supply a gantry crane with a 7m span suitable for working in a low headroom environment and an electric chain hoist with a 25 meter height of lift for their industrial application.

Our customer specified that the gantry crane should be easily dismantled and moveable by hand so that it could be transported in a lift on site, as necessitated by the customers operational requirements. The customer also requested the addition of a hoisting unit with a 25 meter height of lift which isn’t readily available off the shelf and would incur a longer production time and additional cost from the factory.

Bespoke Truss Gantry Crane with 7 Span for low headroom operation and Stagemaker Entertainment Rigging Hoist
portable gantry

About our portable gantries

Hoist UK can provide a range of mobile gantry and portable gantry units for use in a wide range of industrialised settings and can be fitted with a wide range of complimentary lifting equipment.

The origins of the term mobile gantry or portable gantry are simple.
The term gantry or lifting gantry is a general term for the lifting structure itself and the mobile or portable term is describing how you can use it.
The term mobile indicates that it can be moved around when built whereas the term portable is its ability to be taken apart, moved to a completely different location and rebuilt. The lifting gantry product is provided on castor’s for this purpose.

Portable gantry and mobile gantry units are normally not designed or permitted to be moved under load, but Hoist UK have a range available which is specifically designed to be able to be moved under load, so we do have solutions to suit all of your lifting operation.

Our designs & standards

Hoist UK design all their portable gantry and mobile gantry units to relevant British and European harmonised standards such as BS2853: Steel Overhead Runway Beams and BS EN 1993: Structural use of steel or other standards such as BS EN 1999: Structural use of Aluminium.

Some designs of mobile and portable gantries have different styles of bracing or no bracing at all, so it’s important that you select the right style of lifting gantry for your application.
The use of bracing in the lifting gantry design is for the stability of the structure when being used in the lifting operation, so take care to select a suitable unit that gives you the ability to move the hoist to the desired locations needed during the lift.

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Hoist UK are a proud British manufacturer of hoists, cranes and lifting equipment and whilst we are able to offer you a complete range of products in our buy British range we can import products too as we are linked to leading European manufacturers of lifting equipment to give you a vast range of equipment and the best of all worlds.

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In our buy British range of lifting equipment we have a welded leg assembly gantry which is the most economical but the construction of this is not ideal for the user who wants to disassemble and reassemble the unit on a regular basis but more for the user who wants to build it once and push it around on a level floor to different locations for use.

We also have a modular portable gantry in our buy British range and this as the name implies is a lifting gantry that is modular by nature so can be taken apart easily and rebuilt in a completely different location or floor of the building. With this type of lifting gantry it’s possible to transport by van or truck and use different locations to suit your needs.

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Advantages of portable gantries

The main advantage of this portable or mobile nature of the lifting gantry is that it can be provided by us with an EC or UK Declaration of Conformity with safe use instructions and operating and maintenance manuals. The user is then permitted to take the structure apart and rebuild it for use in another location without the need to have it proof load tested in situ, as in the case of other lifting equipment. Obviously, the people who are disabling and reassembling the portable gantry or mobile gantry need to be suitably competent to do so and should follow the instructions set out by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

All lifting equipment for lifting in the United Kingdom falls under The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) so in the case of your portable gantry, mobile gantry or hoists it’s a legal requirement to have this equipment inspected by a competent person and company that can provide a Report Of Thorough Examination (ROTE) for the equipment every 6 or 12 months.

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The ROTE document is just like the MOT document on your car for our UK users, so it’s a legal requirement to have this stating your equipment is safe to use under LOLER.

Hoist UK can inspect, service and maintain all of your lifting equipment and provide all the documentation required for the equipment to be in service as a proud member of The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) who are recognised as a global trade body for the lifting industry.

The mobile gantry and portable gantry solutions provided by Hoist UK can be supplied in carbon steel, aluminium or even stainless steel with a range of finishes such as painted, powder coated, anodised or polished depending on the material used in its construction.

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Customisable gantries

The complete range of portable gantry and mobile gantry units can be fitted with manual hoists or electric hoists depending on your application. The choice of hoist is key depending on the duration of lifting or the lifting height required. Hoist UK has a full and complete range of hoists for manual lifting or electric lifting operations.

Portable gantry and mobile gantry units can be fitted with cable management systems such as cable festoons, busbars or cable reeling drums to allow mains power distribution to the hoist unit. The lifting gantry structure can be fitted with cable trunking and an electrical isolator with a mains plug so that it can be powered up locally.

Hoist UK also have a range of mobile gantry units suitable for use in cleanroom applications, which feature electric belt hoists as conventional chain hoists or wire rope hoists would contaminate the designated clean room due to lubricants on their chain and wire rope.