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Entertainment Case Studies
Industrial Case Studies
Lifting Beams
Overhead Cranes
Overhead Cranes for National Satellite Testing Facility Hoist UK was approached by the Mace Group, the main contractor for the NSTF project, to provide overhead cranes for the facility. Hoist UK was chosen due to their experience...
Motorised Runout Crane for Central London Hotel Plant Room Hoist UK were contacted by an experienced main contractor and specialist fit-out division of a large construction company to design and manufacture a solution for transfer of plant and equipment...
Hoist UK Lifts The Lid On The Dairy Industry Hoist UK were approached by one of the UK’s leading Dairy food processing plants based in the South of England. The company required a bespoke pulling frame to lift the...
Lighting Trusses for Ocean Park, Hong Kong Hoist UK were approached by Cohesion Engineering, a stage engineering company in Hong Kong who were the contracted rigging company for the new area of Ocean Park. The customer required...
Bespoke Column Mounted Jib Crane For Hospital Boiler Room Hoist UK’s technical team carried out a site survey to assess the issues that the customer was experiencing during maintenance of the pumps in their boiler room. They found that...
Overhead Lifting System for A House of Stone Hoist UK have recently been working with UK manufacturing business A House of Stone who required our expertise to assist with the lifting and handling of raw materials at their...
Overhead Travelling Crane for Flat Glass Solutions Our customer required the installation of an overhead crane to assist in transferring materials around their workshop.
Custom Performer Cube for the International Motor Show, Bangkok Hoist UK have supplied top aerial artiste Valerie Murzak with a custom performer cube for an aerial routine which won the best performance at the International Motor Show, Bangkok for...
Lifting and Handling Solution for the Oxford Robotics Institute The Oxford Robotics Institute required a powered overhead gantry crane to be supplied and installed in their new robotics laboratory in Keble College. The gantry was to be used both...
Steel Mobile Gantry for Aircraft Hangar Maintenance Hoist UK have designed and manufactured a steel mobile gantry for one of our customer's to assist their operatives in helicopter maintenance within their aircraft hangar.
Articulated jib crane for leading International parcel delivery service provider Hoist UK have designed, manufactured and installed an articulated jib crane for leading international parcel delivery service provider to assist their operatives in transferring maintenance plant/tooling from the basement level...
Hoist UK provides fast winch for electronic guidance system experiments Hoist UK have supplied a leading UK air defence company with an electric rope winch and control system for experimental work.
Hoist UK keeps the flag flying Hoist UK completed work on the flagpole of one of the country’s most famous royal residences.
Hoist UK is odds on favourite with Veterinary College Hoist UK have supplied, installed and commissioned an electric chain hoist system for a veterinary college.
Regent Street store shops for Hoist UK’s expertise Hoist UK were contacted to provide a solution for a discrete lighting and banner rig in a very high-profile launch of an exciting new fashion outlet in Regent Street, London.
“Moveable Under Load” 6.3t Motorised Steel Mobile Gantry Hoist UK have recently supplied and commissioned a 6.3t SWL steel motorised gantry for our client, a structural engineering specialist. The gantry is unique in the UK marketplace as it's...
Hoist UK “Do the business” in the heart of London Hoist UK were asked to provide a solution for the Chorus Group for the atrium lighting in the highly prestigious Thomas More Square Business Village
Hoist UK help to revitalise the Eiffel Tower Hoist UK aided in the effort to refurbish the Eiffel Tower, including the west elevator by supplying a bespoke aluminum jib crane.
Bespoke Artwork Installation in London Hoist UK install bespoke shell sculpture created by Marc Fish into 39th floor restaurant, Sushi Samba.
Jib Crane
It’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it Our client needed help monitoring sewage flow and depth with a bespoke jib crane.
Feeding Elephants in Blackpool Zoo from a verlinde hoist
Feeding time at the Zoo Hoist UK provide a new automated feeding system for the elephants at Blackpool Zoo
Valkyrie Robot
One Giant Leap for Hoist UK A Hoist UK designed, manufactured and fitted support system for the Valkyrie robot project with The University of Edinburgh's Advanced Robotics Department
Articulated Trolleys as part of an Overhead Crane System for a Manufacturing Operation
Articulated Trolleys as part of an Overhead Crane System for a Manufacturing Operation Our manufacturing customer required an overhead crane system complete with manual articulated trolleys to manoeuvre components around their work space.
Oxford Space Systems Overhead Cleanroom Crane System
Installation of a Supporting Steel Structure to form a Cleanroom within an Aerospace Facility Our customer required a steel structure to be constructed within their existing facility that would go on to form a cleanroom working environment within an aerospace facility.
Electric Chain Hoists for Offshore Zone 1 ATEX Environment Our Oil and Gas industry customer required 3 ATEX rated electric chain hoists for their offshore working environment to safely lift and handle equipment, tools and machinery.
Oxford Space Systems Overhead Cleanroom Crane System
Cleanroom Crane System and Free-Standing Steel Structure to Form Cleanroom for Oxford Space Systems Our customer Oxford Space Systems (OSS), a multi-award winning space technology business, required a crane system to lift and handle loads of up to 1,250kg within a cleanroom environment.
Pneumatic Rope Balancer for Manufacturing Operation
Pneumatic Rope Balancer with Articulated Arm for a Manufacturing Operation Our customer is a manufacturer of innovative plastic bearing solutions who required a safer solution to lift and handle a component as part of their manufacturing process.
2-Point and 4-Point Aluminium Lifting Frames for Car Manufacturer
2-Point and 4-Point Lifting Frames for Engine Manufacturer Our customer, a leading engine manufacturer, required a series of lifting beams to configure with their existing crane system to carefully and safely handle heavy components during the manufacture process.
Rigging Motors used with Truss Ground Support System for raising and lowering lighting and sound installations in an event venue
Rigging Motors with a Truss Ground Support System for Lighting and Sound Installations Our customer required rigging motors to be used in conjunction with a truss ground support system to provide a solution for raising and lowering their lighting and sound installations within...
Overhead Crane System for the scene dock at the National Theatres Dorfman Theatre
Overhead Crane System at the National Theatre’s ‘Dorfman Theatre’ Scene Dock The National Theatre required an overhead crane system to be installed on the scene dock for the Dorfman Theatre to assist their teams with set builds.
Hoist UK supplied, fitted and configured a radio control system onto one of our customers existing overhead cranes
Radio Control System for a Customers Existing Crane Hoist UK have recently supplied, fitted and configured a radio control system onto a customers existing overhead cranes.
Bespoke Truss Gantry Crane with 7 Span for low headroom operation and Stagemaker Entertainment Rigging Hoist
Low Headroom Gantry Crane with 7m Span and Stagemaker Entertainment Rigging Hoist for Industrial Application We have recently designed, manufactured and supplied a gantry crane with a 7m span, suitable for working in a low headroom environment, configured with a Stagemaker entertainment rigging hoist with...
Bespoke monorail hoisting system with an automated vertical oscillation element
Bespoke Monorail Hoisting System with Automated Vertical Oscillation Element for Aerospace Customer Hoist UK have recently supplied a bespoke monorail hoisting system with an automated vertical oscillation element for a large aerospace manufacturer based in the United Kingdom.
Bespoke Cleanroom Electric Wire Rope Hoist
Cleanroom Wall Mounted Jib Crane and Bespoke Wire Rope Hoist for Aerospace Customer Hoist UK have recently supplied and installed a wall mounted jib crane and bespoke wire rope hoist for a cleanroom application within aerospace sector.
10 T Lifting beam
10T Lifting Beam for Hydro-Power Customer We've recently supplied a 10,000kg lifting beam designed with 2 adjustable lifting centres and terminated with self-locking hooks to be used in the hydro-power industry sector.
Lifting Lugs for a Plastic Product Manufacturer
Custom Lifting Lugs for a Plastic Product Manufacturer The lifting lugs were required to attach securely to our customers injection moulds so our design team worked with our experienced team of fabricators to manufacture pairs of lifting lugs...
Bespoke Lifting Beam with Adjustable Lifting Point to Control Centre of Gravity
Bespoke Lifting Beam with Adjustable Lifting Point for Aero Engineering A lifting beam with an adjustable lifting point to change the centre of gravity of the lifting beam.
Manual Overhead Crane Bridge with Manual Chain Hoist and Hand Geared Travel Trolley
Manual Top Running Crane Bridge for Hydro Scheme Maintenance Plant Working with the new developments contractor to integrate the crane system into the buildings design and construction.
Runout Crane with VR Electric Chain Hoist for Food Industry Customer
Runout Crane Lifting and Handling Solution Hoist UK supplied and installed a 2.7m run out crane with a lifting capacity of 3.2 tonnes, complete with VR16 Electric Chain Hoist to a food industry customer so that...
Magnetic Counterbalance Lifting Beam
Magnetic Counterbalance Lifting Beam for Plastic Product Manufacturer A manufacturer of plastic products who required a bespoke magnetic counterbalance lifting beam.
Underbraced Column mounted Jib Crane with Electric Chain Hoist and Push Travel Trolleys
Automotive Manufacturing Operation An automotive manufacturer required a lifting system to assist in the handling of their tooling within their operation.
Truss Mother Grid to support modern lighting installation
Truss Mother Grid for Lighting Solution at Riverside, Dublin Hoist UK have worked closely with an architectural lighting design company to provide a truss mother grid to support a modern lighting arrangement.
Royal Shakespeare Company's Scenic Workshops Aluminium Monorail Track with Chain Hoists 1
Royal Shakespeare Company’s Scenic Workshops Supplying The Royal Shakespeare Company's Scenic Workshops in Stratford upon Avon with a system of lightweight aluminium cranes and monorail track.
Boyzone Custom Performer Flying Winch System
Custom Performer Flying Winch System, Boyzone Hoist UK supplied a custom performer winch flying system to rigging specialists Over The Top for Boyzone's most recent tour.
Overhead Crane System, Industrial
Bespoke Crane System, Industrial Hoist UK have designed, supplied and installed a bespoke overhead crane system at a large manufacturing plant in the North West.
Mars Rover Bespoke Monorail Hoist Clean Room
Bespoke Monorail Cleanroom Hoist, Mars Rover Designed and manufactured a bespoke Monorail Hoisting solution to cleanroom standards for the Mars Rover testing facility at Airbus in Stevenage.
High School Art Feature 1
Art Feature for High School A system using manual winches, pulleys, ropes and rigging connected to an aluminium framework for the suspension of 600kg artwork display piece.
Alba Synchrotron Radiation Facility Particle Accelerator 2
Alba Synchrotron Radiation Facility Commission, supply and install of a crane system within a production facility.
Trains Component Assembly, UK Commission, supply and install of a crane system within a production facility.
The New Belgrade Theatre Supplying a trio of robust lifting carriages capable of raising, lowering and tracking three technical bridges up and down within the main theatre auditorium.