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Hoist UK Newsletter Issue 2 - Introduction Page

Newsletter: Issue 2

In the second issue of Hoist UK's newsletter we discuss ATEX rated lifting equipment, the two European directive for controlling explosive atmospheres and what the different ATEX rated zones are for classifying lifting equipment. There is a useful guide to lifting beams, spreaders and frames that looks at the different types available, their design, stability and inspection requirements, as well as a comparative guide for wire rope hoists VS. chain hoists.

We feature 2 new case studies in Issue 2 that showcase a bespoke counterbalance lifting beam with adjustable lifting points that we designed and manufactured for a leading aero engineering customer and a manual top running crane bridge for a hydro scheme maintenance plant.

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Newsletter: Issue 1

In the first issue of Hoist UK's newsletter we have a 2 page feature explaining rigging hoist standards that includes a handy table of reference outlining the different hoist specifications required to satisfy the different BS and BGV standards for rigging hoists. There is also an editorial that focuses on the safe working period of a hoist and how you can estimate the remaining safe working period for your hoist using our free safe working period calculator.

The issue also features 3 case studies showcasing some of our recent projects, which include the supply and installation of a 3.2 tonne run out crane for a food industry customer, supply and installation of an underbraced, column mounted jib crane for a marine engineering customer, and the design, manufacture and installation of two motorised performer platforms and a full motor control system package for an international entertainment customer.

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Hoist UK Newsletter Issue 1