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VFT Free Standing/Floor Mounted Overbraced Jib Crane (Profile Beam)

The VFT range of free standing jib cranes are manufactured with conventional profile beam arms which are suitable for standard hoist trolleys and can support loads from 125kg to 2,000kg, with a radius/span from 2 to 8 metres according to load. The standard height to under the beam is 2.5 metres but can be increased to up to 4 metres on this standard range.

Options available:

  • Installation template and cast in anchor rods
  • Option of large base plate for use with resin anchor bolts available
  • Rotation slowing device
  • Single or multi-position rotation stops available (adjustable or fixed)
  • Can be used witih electric or manual hoist
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Technical Information

The VFT Free Standing Overbraced Jib Crane (Profile Beam) technical features:

  • Standard height to underside of beam is 2.5m and is adjustable up or down
  • Eurosystem ST hollow-section pillar jib crane for indoor use
  • 270° rotation with overbraced jib arm
  • This type of jib crane cannot be motorised
  • 3 pack RAL1028 melon yellow polyurethane finish
  • Power supply cable available if required
  • Suitable for a maximum hoisting speed of 16mpm
  • Supplied with an EC Declaration of Conformity


Download VFT Free Standing Overbraced Jib Crane (Profile Beam) commercial and technical documents:

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Our customer required a lifting solution to operate within a low headroom environment that could assist in tool handling within their manufacturing operations.

The customer required a lifting solution to operate within an environment with limited space and particularly reduced headroom. In order to provide the customer with the span and lifting capacity they needed we designed and manufactured an underbraced jib crane to fit into the facilities low headroom ceiling.

Underbraced Column mounted Jib Crane with Electric Chain Hoist and Push Travel Trolleys

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