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VEFP Portable Aluminium Davit Crane

The VEFP Portable Aluminium Davit Crane is ideal for water treatment operations within stations or at shore sites as the cranes are easily transported and can be manoeuvred by one person. They are also dismountable so they can be easily moved from one base to another with minimum fuss.

The crane has a 360° rotation and an adjustable span of up to 1.5m overhang, as well as a safe working load of 300kg to 500kg.

Some of the many benefits associated with the VEFP Portable Davit Crane:

  • Equipment designed for use in aggressive atmosphere such as sewage works
  • Only 1 person needed for safe assembly of the davit crane
  • The span can also be adjusted by 1 person
  • Disassembles into 3 or 4 elements and can be easily transported by 1 person and is compact for storage
  • It is a cost effective solution as the davit cranes portability means it can be transported easily and used wherever required within your operation
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Technical Information

The VEFP Portable Aluminium Davit Crane technical features:

  • Portable aluminium jib crane, 360° rotation
  • Adjustable span, up to 1.50 m overhang
  • Load range 300 or 500 kg (according to model)
  • Jib in 3 or 4 pieces, rapid assembly
  • Easy displacement and storage thanks to its transport bag
  • CE-certified material.
  • Highly flexible rotation thanks to the bearing-mounted pivot
  • Anodised RAL powder paint (durable, impact-resistant)
  • 2 possible heights thanks to 2 different extension pieces (supplied as standard)
  • Supplied with 2 stainless steel shackles for connecting hoist or accessory
  • Dead load of each element : less than or equal to 24 kg


Download VEFP Portable Davit Crane's commercial and technical documents:

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