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VEP Stainless Steel Portable Davit Crane

The VEP Staiinless Steel Portable Davit Crane has been designed especially for maintenance applications on pumps and agitators, etc. through close collaboration between Verlinde and engineering companies that specialise in water treatment and has a safe working load of 125kg to 250kg.

The VEP has been produced to the highest standards and its all-stainless steel manufacturing also makes it suitable for applications in the field of agri-food.

  • Safe working load of 125kg to 250kg
  • Best suited to maintenance applications on pumps and agitators
  • Stainless steel manufacturing makes it suitable for agri-food applications
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Technical Information

The VEP Stainless Steel Portable Davit Crane's technical information:

  • Easy relocation of the jib crane on to other fixed post bases
  • Available as a galvanised steel version or as a 304 L entirely stainless steel structure. Ideal in corrosive environments (including the multi-position base and chemical anchors)
  • Rounded base
  • Moly/graphite greasing of the casing rings, ensuring even smoother rotation
  • Standardisation enabling complete interchangeability
  • Span from : 800 to 1000 mm. Load : up to 250 kg
  • Single multi-position base for attachment to concrete surface, using a wall fixture, or embedded into an anchor post for installation
  • CE-certified material
  • Two handles for easy transport and rotation


Download VEP Stainless Steel Portable Davit Crane's commercial and technical documents:

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