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The Challenge

The customer required a lifting solution to operate within an environment with limited space and particularly reduced headroom. In order to provide the customer with the span and lifting capacity they needed we designed and manufactured an underbraced jib crane to fit into the facilities low headroom ceiling.

The Solution

It was important to properly plan and design a lifting solution that would fit our clients specific requirements. Our technical sales team conducted a site visit and our CAD design engineers prepared drawings of the lifting equipment in situ. This allowed the customer's technical site teams to review and approve prior to manufacturing work commencing.

Our client operates within the automotive industry and they required a lifting

solution to assist in the handling of their tooling. In order to accommodate our customers needs within the specific parameters of operating space and low ceiling height, our engineers designed an underbraced column mounted jib crane. The crane was manufactured to fit within the specified operational position.
The jib crane provides a lifting capacity of 500kg a radius of 2m and a 2.2m height to underside of beam. The crane was installed with a Eurochain VR Electric Chain Hoist and Push Travel Trolley which would allow the load to be manoeuvred along the jib crane's beam.


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