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The Challenge

When our customer contacted us they had a strong idea of the type of radio control system they were looking for but they were unsure of how feasible it was to retrospectively configure a radio control receiver and transmitter to their existing crane system.

The Solution

Our customers existing crane system is used within the yard of their premises for offloading large containers and was configured with a cabled pendant when it was first installed by another provider. Their current remote control system's cabled pendant meant that the operator had to walk in time with the hoist which was difficult to safely do because of the obstructions within the yard to to the nature of the operation.

We proposed a radio control system consisting of a radio control receiver and transmitter (handset), which in this particular instance featured 6 x 2-step push buttons for the lifting and travelling motions and emergency stop and machine start functionality. This system gives the operator the ability to stand at a safe place near to the crane bridge and traverse the hoist forward and backwards, providing free movement around the working area free from the restrictions of obstacles.

A Lifting Operation with Radio Control VS. Cabled Pendant

A lifting operation with radio control
A lifting operation without radio control

Hoist UK offer radio control systems for multiple channels and configurations, contact for more information