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The Challenge

The scope of the project involved the design and manufacture of a steel support structure which was then transported to site along with the bridge beam, PRD Manual Articulated Trolleys, electric chain hoist and push travel trolley ready for installation and commissioning by our lifting equipment engineers. The challenge came in meeting the customers tight deadlines for project completion.

The Solution

Our technical team designed a free-standing steel structure to support the crane system and our manufacturing team fabricated the steel work for the complete system in-house. The steelwork was designed to safely support a 1,000kg safe working load but considerations were also made by our design team to factor in the weight of the other components comprising the crane kit which will inevitably will add extra weight to the systems 1,000kg desired safe working load. Once fabrication was completed the beams were powder coated in RAL1028 Melon Yellow and transported to the customers premises ready for installation.

We supplied a rolling beam partnered with a pair of PRD Manual Articulated Trolleys with a safe working load of 1,000kg allowing manual forwards and backwards movement. The electric chain hoist supplied also has a 1,000kg safe working load and was configured with a manual push travel trolley to facilitate manual motions on the cross travel for traversing left and right. We explored the option of possibly using a pair of PRV Electric Articulated Trolleys, but the customer opted for the PRD Manual Articulated Trolleys as they are a more economical solution.

Hoist UK

James Jordan, Sales Manager

“We always work to exceed our customers expectations and this project was no exception. Due to the nature of their business our customer required the solution to be designed, manufactured, supplied, installed and commissioned as quickly as possible with minimal downtime for their workshop. With this in mind we worked closely with the customer to make this a reality.”

PRD Manual Articulated Trolleys

Our PRD Manual Articulated Trolleys are an ideal solution for lightweight rolling beam cranes. Offering a safe working load of up to 2,000kg, these manual trolleys are designed for working spans of up to 12 meters and the PRD can also be supplied as a 'crane kit' or as a complete system with supporting steel work, as well as relevant design and technical packages.

In most cases Hoist UK offer the PRD Manual Articulated Trolleys as a stand alone component excluding steelwork, and in this case there are considered to be 'partly completed machinery' and are issued with a declaration of incorporation. When supplied this way it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the completed assembly is suitably designed, meets the requirements of relevant, harmonised standards and an EC Declaration of Conformity for the complete assembly is issued.

We offer a range of complementary products such as Electric Chain Hoists and Manual Chain Hoists.

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