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What is a Chandelier Winch?

A chandelier winch is a compact, purpose designed winch used to provide safe access to chandeliers and lighting installations to facilitate easy cleaning, maintenance and light bulb changing. Usually operated by remote control, the winch is able to raise and lower the chandelier at a controlled and safe speed.

How does a Chandelier Winch work?

Chandelier winches are mounted onto a ceiling and contain a compact motor and pulley mechanism with steel wire rope. The steel wire rope attaches to the chandelier and this mechanism allows for raising and lowering of the chandelier or lighting fixture.

The power supply to our chandelier or light fitting is by 3-core 1.5mm 2 cable and patented circular contacts. To ensure safe operation the LightRig Chandelier Hoist/Winch automatically disconnects the power supply to the chandelier or lighting fixture during winching.

How will the Chandelier Winch look?

The LightRig chandelier winch is ceiling mounted, the steel wire rope securely connects to the chandelier and terminates to a plastic-coated disc and eyebolt used to attach your own light fitting.

What models are available?

Our LightRig Chandelier Winch is available is 2 models with different load capacities and lowering distances dependent on the weight of your chandelier.

  • The LR10 model has a unit weight of 3.2 kg, provides a lifting capacity of 3 kg to 10 kg and a lowering distance of 15 meters.
  • The LR15 model has a unit weight of 3.3 kg, provides a lifting capacity of 7 kg to 15 kg and a lowering distance of 10 meters.

Auto Stop Feature

The LightRig Chandelier and Lighting Winch/Hoist includes a auto stop feature for safety during operation.

When lowering, the lift stops automatically either if the descent is somehow interrupted or when your lighting fixture reaches the ground, whichever comes first.

Chandelier Winch Auto Stop Feature
Adjustable Lowering Height

Adjustable Lowering Height

The LightRig Chandelier and Lighting Hoist/Winch can be easily raised and lowered to the users desired height. The chandelier winch also has the ability to 'remember' the users predefined lowering height so that this can be stored within the system for easy and quick use in future operations.

Electrical Contact Plates Portrait

Electrical Contact Plates

Electrical contact is made by way of spring loaded contacts plates within the main unit and fixed contacts in the lowering coupler of the LightRig Chandelier and Lighting Hoist/Winch.

Upon lowering the chandelier winch the internal relay isolates the electrical supply. Once the unit is in a raised position, the relay returns power to the lower contacts.

Contact our technical sales team by email or call +44 (0)151 334 7682 to discuss our Chandelier Winch and how it can meet your requirements