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Verlinde solution offers practicality yet comfort

Prosdocimo Funeral Home has chosen Handel Sollevamenti’s project based on Verlinde’s solutions for accompanying your loved ones on their last journey with dignity in a comfortable environment and with respect for different faiths and traditions.

Situated on the outskirts of Pordenone, Prosdocimo Funeral Home was the first funeral parlour created in the Triveneto. Founded in 2012 from an intuition of Alessandro Prosdocimo, it was the natural progression of the family funeral business dating back to 1938.

Prosdocimo Funeral Home was created to meet the need to accompany people’s loved ones on their last journey with dignity in a comfortable environment and with respect for the different faiths and traditions observed in the territory. Prompted by many requests, in 2017 the owners decided to extend the funeral home with the aim of being able to use larger spaces and offer a wider range of services to their clients.

In particular, the extension project provided for the revamping of the laboratory for processing and preparation of the bodies. This entailed moving the caskets during the working process. Alessandro Prosdocimo called on Handel Sollevamenti to study the most appropriate lifting solution for the operational requirements of such a specific environment.

Handel Sollevamenti, a company specialising in the design, supply and construction of lifting equipment and a long-standing partner of Verlinde, proposed to produce a lifting system with a capacity of 200 kg, with sliding crane runways of around 4 metres, hoist displacement of 3 metres, with entirely manual movement to avoid any noise during the relevant operations.

Alberto Alcido, Quality Manager of Handel Sollevamenti, explained: “The client’s primary requirement was to obtain minimum height, ease of movement and lastly, but no less important for purposes of hygiene, the fact that the lifting system could be easily washable, since it operates in a quasi-medical environment”.

To meet those requirements Handel Sollevamenti’s design specified a lifting system with an aluminium suspended track produced by Verlinde, called Eurosystem Alu, this system was also equipped with a double speed chain hoist from the same manufacturer. Alcido confirmed: “This new choice fully reflected the client’s advanced requirements and guaranteed them the level of quality and reliability we are certain of obtaining from Verlinde products”.

The Eurosystem Alu aluminium profile system was installed by anchoring it to the ceiling by means of 4 HEA100 beams painted in Ral 7011. The heights of the different elements of the structure were selected carefully, taking account of the dimensions of all the electrical conduits and the ventilation equipment, which were installed afterwards, in order to provide a system with low visual impact, but which would be very solid and extremely efficient.

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