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A Modular Space Frame System providing a strong, flexible aluminium structure.

Truss UK is one of the few remaining British manufacturers of load- bearing aluminium trussing products; they design and manufacture structural aluminium products for the entertainment industry as well as other specialist industry sectors worldwide.

Having recently launched their new aluminium space frame product, Truss UK are pleased to announce that they have supplied a large London based theatre with a substantial OBLIK system.

OBLIK is a modular space frame system consisting of only three main component types, the largest of weighing in at less than 16kg. The system is lightweight, compact for transport and storage and simple to erect using conventional fixings (nuts and bolts) to create complex aluminium structures that are extremely strong.

Truss UK director Paul Jordan says “The OBLIK space frame system was deployed in the grid of the theatre and is suspended from the underside of the existing infra structure of the building, fitted in the void between the grid and the roof.”

Paul Jordan adds “Each of the OBLIK frames measures 14 metres long by 3 metres wide and weighs only 1,380kg, with all the members in the top and bottom plane of the structure having a load-bearing capacity. After installation each of the OBLIK frames were tested with 9.9 tonnes of live load and performed as it was intended.”

The theatre's Head of Automation and Rigging said “we chose OBLIK for the theatre as this system gives us the flexibility to rig new shows quickly, rigging directly from the OBLIK space frame without having to bridle from the roof structure or move grid stands and point hoists round on the grid for the show setup.”

Paul Jordan added “Rather than show loads being supported by the conventional theatre grid they are now supported fully by the roof structure with the space frame distributing and spreading the loads throughout the system and back to the whole building structure rather than imposing larger point loads on it.”

Truss UK director Tony Dickson said “OBLIK can be used for so much more than lightweight mother grids like at this theatre. We also have decking and hand railing components to create suspended walkways, platforms, stages, lighting rigs, ground- supported roof systems and even high load columns.”

Tony Dickson adds “OBLIK has recently been used on the external façade of a building in a central Manchester to support a 14 metre x 8 metre video wall. Conventional steelwork support solutions would have imposed in excess of 9 tonnes of additional load to the external face of the building, the OBLIK system only imposed around 3 tonnes of load, which was more acceptable to the checking engineer”.

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Truss UK are entertainment industry experts with extensive experience in designing and fabricating bespoke stage pieces and supplying trussing.

For more information on Truss UK's specialist range of structures and fabrication, please email the Truss UK sales team or visit the Truss UK website.