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Sushi Samba shell & London skyline


This project was interesting for Hoist UK as we worked in collaboration with Marc Fish, who runs Robinson House Studio furniture school after having made furniture for over 20 years. His process pushes the limits of 21st century design and mixes art, design, sculpture and furniture. He was commissioned by Sushi Samba to create the shell to hang 3 metres off the ground in the city centre restaurant.

The end client, Sushi Samba is a restaurant that blends Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian culture and cuisine; with the first restaurant opening in 1999 in New York. They have since expanded to Miami, Las Vegas, Amsterdam and 2 locations in London (Heron Tower & Covent Garden). The Heron Tower restaurant is located on the 39th Floor with views out across London and was the proposed location for this shell installation.

The Challenge

The challenge for our team at Hoist UK was split into four sections: firstly to find a suitable method of suspending the shell from the ceiling of the 39th floor restaurant. We also needed to supply a mechanism to allow continuous rotation at a constant speed. The team were faced with the issue of cable management within the artwork to allow it to be lit with LED’s. The final challenge faced by the team at Hoist UK was the restricted time frame in which the install had to take place, allowing Sushi Samba to continue with service as usual the following day.

All four of these challenges within the project were approached by the Hoist UK staff to create expertly crafted, technically correct solutions.

Hoist UK

James Jordan, Business Development Manager

"We enjoy working on projects like this, where our extensive experience in the industrial and entertainment lifting industry can help to provide bespoke solutions, thanks to our technical and design teams, which are not only safe but also fall in line with the customers vision.”


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