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The Stagemaker SR: Direct Control or Low Voltage Options Available

Boasting an entirely new ergonomic design, the Stagemaker SR is the only model available on the market fitted with double lifting brake, retractable hand grips and protective rubber pads. The Stagemaker SR fits in well with all types of installation offering best-in-class safety and productivity.

The Stagemaker is available in 5 models with varying safe working load capacities to accommodate loads from 250kg - 5,000kg and is supplied in black as standard. The new ergonomic design features retractable hand grips to mitigate the risk of injury during assembly and allows the rigging hoist to achieve optimal compactness when retracted.

Stagemaker SR1 Rigging Hoist SWL 500kg
Stagemaker SR1
Stagemaker SR2 Rigging Hoist SWL 320kg
Stagemaker SR2
Stagemaker SR5 Rigging Hoist SWL 500kg
Stagemaker SR5
Stagemaker SR10 Rigging Hoist SWL 2000kg
Stagemaker SR10
Stagemaker SR25 Rigging Hoist SWL 5000kg
Stagemaker SR25

Enhanced Safety and Easier Maintenance

In keeping with true Stagemaker tradition, the Stagemaker SR is fitted with enhanced safety features. As standard the new generation Stagemaker SR is equipped with double lifting brake in accordance with D8 and D8+ standards (with new setting of the torque limiter to divide by 2 nominal capacity). This lifting unit was also the first and only comparable product on the market with such high safety features. The standard version is fitted with a new load wheel concept that includes intermediate teeth for chain drive, as well as a start/stop push button on the control box, torque limiter, disc brake, variable speed travel motor, electric safety limit switch for high and low positions, and the option for low voltage control (48V).

Thanks to the new torque limiter, the positioning of the clutch system in the gear box ensures the load is securely held by the brake regardless of the equipment's operating conditions. The Stagemaker is also fitted with an electric stop function as standard on the Low Voltage Control option. The maximum upper and lower positioning of the hook is maintained through electric limit switches, and the switches themselves activated in turn by two rope slack stops. Another of the enhanced features of the Stagemaker is the 'lifetime lubricated' gearbox designed to reduce maintenance and the gear reducer provides protection for operation of up to 3,200 hours of operation.

Stagemaker with Double Brake as standard, BGV D8+ ready and available in either direct or low voltage control
Stagemaker with Double Brake as standard, BGV D8+ ready and available in either direct or low voltage control


Stagemaker Rigging Hoist Industrial Suspension Hoist Configuration
Stagemaker Rigging Hoist Climbing Hoist Configuration

Design Enhancements

Stagemaker Rigging Hoist LimitFlux
Stagemaker Rigging Hoist ChainFlux

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