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The Challenge

This facility required a system that enables easy movement and positioning of large and irregular shaped items quickly within the workshop. There also needed to minimum disruption to the workshops busy schedule during installation and testing.

The Solution

Hoist UK provided a system of lightweight aluminium cranes and monorail tracks for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Scenic Workshops fabrication facility. The systems included two 500kg rigid aluminium manual crane systems, each with a span of 4.2m and longitudinal runs of 10m and 17m respectively, with a 20m aluminium monorail system to enable fabricated pieces to be manipulated in the work space.

The systems provided are used in a fabrication facility, which constructs unique set pieces for forthcoming productions in their own theatre venues and performance spaces in and around the city.

The hoists provided on the system were the VHR series hand chain hoist from Verlinde, which are a heavy duty hoist and the benefit of an overload protection device, which is a very unique feature of this manual hoist.

The cranes were suspended from the clients existing roof steel work using standard articulated suspension brackets with a clipped connection, so there was the minimum of disruption to the facility during the installation and testing of the system.

Royal Shakespeare Company

Alan Bartlett, Head of Construction & Technical Design

"The system provided by Hoist UK is excellent as it enables us to position and move large and irregular shaped items easily and quickly, and we have already used it for the construction of custom set pieces for David Tennant’s performances in Hamlet (as shown), as well as many other RSC productions."