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The Challenge

Working with the project’s audio-visual consultants, our lifting equipment engineers had a small time window to install and commission the Stagemaker hoists and accompanying 16-channel wall mounted controller during the works on site.

The Solution

As part of the project the venue had a large truss support system installed and Hoist UK supplied 12 Stagemaker SR10 low voltage control rigging hoists that would be fixed mounted at pivotal points within this structure. The rigging hoists were installed in inverted (motor down) configuration and connected to sections of truss with a line array monorail lighting and sound installation.

We also supplied a 16-channel wall mounted controller for the raising and lowering of the Stagemaker rigging hoists. The control system was designed for basic manual operation of the hoisting units with the ability to group rigging motors via the toggle switches on the front of the panel, providing easy access for audio and visual re-configurations and maintenance operations.

Each of the SR10’s was configured with our LIMIT FLUX® magnetic limit switches to control setting of hoist or hook position which once set provides operational accuracy to one link of lifting chain. Due to the nature of the operation the customer specifically required BGV D8+ rated rigging motors suitable for the static suspension of loads above persons. The SR10 Stagemaker rigging hoists are supplied with double brakes as standard and are therefore considered D8+ ready.

Our lifting equipment engineer was able to complete installation of the 12 Stagemaker rigging hoists and 16-channel wall-mounted controller within the time window allotted for our contribution to this project.

Hoist UK

Paul Jordan, Director at Hoist UK

“We are the UK’s primary supplier of Stagemaker rigging hoists and our customer contacted us directly to source Stagemaker’s for their venue.

We worked closely with our customer and their consultants to ensure we not only fully understood their requirements, but to ensure we accurately planned and executed the installation of the equipment we supplied."

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