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Bespoke Aluminium Portable Gantry Crane

We designed, manufactured and supplied our industrial customer with a low headroom truss gantry crane that had a 7m span and was configured with a Stagemaker rigging hoist to delivery a 25m height of lift as required for their application.

The gantry crane was designed with a modular aluminium construction to ensure each components maximum weight was within the customers instructed restrictions.

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Bespoke Truss Gantry Crane with 7 Span for low headroom operation and Stagemaker Entertainment Rigging Hoist


What is a gantry crane?

A gantry crane is an overhead crane built on top of a gantry. A gantry is a structure used to support an object. Gantry cranes can lift extremely heavy objects and do not need to be attached to the structure of a building, so it reduces the need for columns and beams.

Where can gantry cranes be used?

Usually, a gantry crane is used outdoors in the likes of scrap yards, railyards and manufacturing sites. Gantry cranes are used to lift extremely heavy objects in these areas.

Gantry cranes can also be used to lift smaller objects in indoor environments, such as in manufacturing sites and warehouses.

What is an overhead gantry crane?

An overhead gantry crane is mainly used for indoor purposes, such as in a factory or warehouse to pick up and place down objects. It is essentially a crane placed onto a gantry to lift.

Are portable gantry cranes the best option?

Portable gantry cranes are a great option if you are not regularly going to be lifting and are using the crane on different sites. This type of crane has a lifting capacity between 250kg to 5,000kg. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Portable gantry cranes are often used to hold something in place whilst it is being worked on or put together.

So, a gantry crane is the best option if you will be using it in various spots around a site or infrequently using it. It is built for this purpose as it is fitted with wheels and is half the weight of regular gantry cranes, which makes it ideal for transferable use.

How much weight can one of your gantry cranes lift?

Each of our gantries varies in the weight that they can lift. For example, the ‘Welded Steel Mobile Gantry’ can lift up to 5000kg, whereas the ‘VGIM Steel Mobile Gantry’ can lift up to 6300kg. We have many options available for you to choose from.

Do you offer bespoke crane solutions?

We offer bespoke crane solutions at Hoist UK. We design, manufacture and supply our customers with cranes that suit their needs. So, regardless of what your requirements are for a crane, we have got you covered.

Why Hoist UK?

Hoist UK is an award-winning company, and we pride ourselves on our professionalism, expertise and experience. We are one of the largest lifting and handling equipment designers, distributors and manufacturers in the UK. We have many satisfied customers across the UK and the world!

We are a British company, and one of the values that we promote is ‘buy British’, which is asking consumers to buy from British manufacturers to help the UK’s economy prosper. Also, British equipment is made to strict high standards, so you are almost guaranteed to have no issues with British products. So by buying from Hoist UK, you are not only supporting our ‘buy British’ scheme but you are guaranteed to be using high quality and durable equipment that you could not get anywhere else.

Which gantry crane is best for my needs?

Depending on what your needs are, will depend on what gantry crane you should buy. There are a few things to consider before purchasing, these are:

  • Is the crane for indoor or outdoor use?
  • What will you be lifting? What capacity will you need the crane to be? What size will you need the crane to be?
  • How often will you be using the gantry crane?
  • Do you need the crane to be powered or non-powered?

If you are unsure of what gantry crane to get or are unsure if any fit your needs, then please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help!