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Crane Components (Clean Room)

Hoist UK offer a variety of Crane Components for use in clean room crane kits that can be supplied for loads up to 13,000kg (13 tons) and suitable for spans of up to 20 metres. The Crane Components form crane kits specifically for use in a clean room environment that contain all of the items required to build an overhead or underslung crane, all except for the main bridge beam.

We also offer a complete design and build service for overhead crane and gantry systems for use within a clean room environment. We also have an extensive range of additional components and options for our kits.

  • Full design and build service available for overhead crane and gantry systems
  • Extensive range of additional components and options for kits available upon request
  • Kits do not include main bridge beam
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Technical Information

The Crane Components (Clean Room) technical features:

  • Crane design assistance available
  • Made to order for exact environment and clean room classification standards
  • Complies with European standards
  • Supplied with clean room hoisting unit
  • End carriages with connection plates fitted
  • End carriages with stainless steel wheels
  • Supplied with cable festoon / chain
  • Supplied with electrical cubicle

Sub Sectors

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Our customer is a manufacturer of innovative plastic bearing solutions who required a safer solution to lift and handle a component as part of their manufacturing process.

This specific operation at the Oxford Space Systems facility was a newly conceived cleanroom and working closely together with the projects main contractor Total Projects UK and leading cleanroom design and construction specialists Clean Room Construction Ltd (CRC), Hoist UK designed and fabricated a free-standing structure that would not only be the support structure for the crane, but also for the cleanroom.

Oxford Space Systems Overhead Cleanroom Crane System

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