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ZHV Manual Chain Hoist (1LW – 4LW / 5HD – 16HD)

The ZHV manual chain hoist has a lifting capacity of 500kg to 50,000kg and is ideally suited to construction or maintenance applications.

The ZHV has options available which include:

  • ZHV with EX - ATEX marking (bronze coated hook, polyester paint, etc.)
  • ZHV full stainless steel (hoist frame, chain, hook, etc.)
  • ZHV with aluminium ceramic coat and polyester top coat
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Technical Information

Aluminium Ceramic Coating surface treatment can be worthwhile for the enhanced operation of the ZHV hand chain block dependent on the application. This treatment consists of applying a thin layer of aluminium to the components to increase the hardness to 30GPa (pressure of 3,000kg per mm2). This treatment can reduce friction between parts serving to increase the service life of parts whilst also reducing oxidation and corrosion, and providing a hardened surface with electrical isolation.

  • Chain sprocket and gears have been machined to provide an easy, efficient operation
  • Corrosion resistant, galvanised high strength alloy steel load chain
  • Galvanised hand chain
  • Refined streamlined design provides a reduced weight with a safety focus
  • Ideally suited for construction and/or maintenance operations
  • Chain sprocket, gear case and hand wheel cover protected by solid steel casing
  • Upper and lower alloy steel ISO hooks complete with safety latches
  • Supplied with EC Declaration of Conformity


Download Verlinde ZHV Manual Chain Hoist commercial and technical documents:


ZHV Manual Chain Hoist with Push Travel Trolley
Push Travel Trolley

The push travel trolley provides horizontal movement

ZHR Manual Chain Hoist Low Headroom
Low Headroom Trolley

The low headroom trolley provides horizontal movement in a reduced headroom environment

ZHV with Boogie Travel Trolley for Curved Beams
Bogie Travel Trolley

The boogie travel trolley enables horizontal movement along a curved trolley

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Hoists, whether they are electric chain hoists, manual chain hoists, electric wire rope hoists or electric belt hoists are all manufactured with 10 years of serviceable life before a major overhaul or replacement is required. The ten year service life may not necessarily be a physical ten years of operation, but may be used up more quickly or slowly based on how the machine is being operated during its working life.

In order to help evaluate the working life of a hoist you need to be able to calculate how much of the original manufacturers Safe Working Period exists after your lifting operations have occurred.


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