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VHR Manual Chain Hoist (VHR1 / VHR2 / VHR3 / VHR4 / VHR5 / VHR6 / VHR7)

The VHR’s compact design delivers safety together with reduced weight and is supplied with an EC Declaration of Conformity. Ideally suited to construction and maintenance operations, the VHR is capable of managing loads from 250kg to 5,000kg.

A wide range of options are available for the VHR which include:

  • Supplied with galvanised chain as standard and stainless steel chain option is available
  • Chain bag
  • VHR with push travel trolley or geared hand driven trolley
  • VHR with low headroom trolley
  • VHR version EX - ATEX (for explosive atmospheres)
  • VHR EX with EX low headroom trolley
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Technical Information

The VHR Manual Chain Hoist is an industrial hand operated chain hoist with the following technical features:

  • Compact design offers safety together with reduced weight
  • Ideal for construction and maintenance applications
  • Machined chain sprocket and gears provide smoother, more efficient operation
  • 3 metres standard height of lift
  • High strength grade 80 alloy steel load chain with galvanised finish for corrosion resistance (complies with EN818)
  • Galvanised hand chain
  • Steel casing protects chain sprocket, gear case and hand wheel cover
  • Hooks are alloy steel, heat treated and equipped with hook latches and inspection points
  • Weston type load brake mechanism
  • High-resistance RAL7021 powder coated finish, 70 μ thick
  • Supplied with hook and chain certificate
  • Delivered with EC Declaration of Conformity


Download Verlinde VHR Manual Chain Hoist commercial and technical documents:


VHR Manual Chain Hoist with Push Trolley
Push Travel Trolley

The push travel trolley allows for horizontal movement under load.

VHR Manual Chain Hoist with Low Headroom Trolley
Low Headroom Push Travel Trolley

The low headroom push travel trolley facilitates horizontal movement within a short headroom working environment.

VHR Manual Chain Hoist with Geared Travel Trolley
Geared Travel Trolley

For bigger loads a geared travel trolley can be used to provide horizontal movement.

VHR Manual Chain Hoist with Low Headroom Geared Travel Trolley
Low Headroom Geared Travel trolley

The low headroom geared travel trolley provides horizontal movement for heavier loads in a low headroom environment.

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Hoists, whether they are electric chain hoists, manual chain hoists, electric wire rope hoists or electric belt hoists are all manufactured with 10 years of serviceable life before a major overhaul or replacement is required. The ten year service life may not necessarily be a physical ten years of operation, but may be used up more quickly or slowly based on how the machine is being operated during its working life.

In order to help evaluate the working life of a hoist you need to be able to calculate how much of the original manufacturers Safe Working Period exists after your lifting operations have occurred.


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