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Load Arrestor – 300kg

Full Safety Protection Feature

300kg load arrestor is suitable for protecting overhead static or moving loads and can be used in conjunction with other lifting equipment. The load arrestor automatically stops the fall of a heavy load should the primary support system fail, therefore preventing damage to the load and more importantly protecting people below.

Hoist UK's load arrestors have a high strength retractable cable that extracts, following the movement of the load. This means the load arrestor can be fitted to dynamic and static loads. If the load enters into free-fall, the cable is pulled out at an accelerating rate; when the activation speed is reached, the braking system engages, bringing the load to a smooth and cushioned stop.

  • Also available in 500kg & 1000kg
  • Shock absorbing brake cushions the fall
  • Galvanised steel cable fitted as standard
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Technical Information

The technical specification for our 300kg Load Arrestor:

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Static or moving loads
  • Weight: up to 18.3kg
  • Maximum running speed: 0.6m/sec
  • 300kg, 500kg and 1000kg MWL options.
  • Galvanised or stainless steel cables available.
  • Stopping distance of approx. 0.3m to 0.7m
  • CE certified. Conforms to European Directive 2006/42/EC.


Download the Load Arrestor documentation:

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