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Stagemaker SRLM, SRLI and SRLC Radio Load Cells

Stagemaker's range of radio load cell's are completely wireless and have very long battery life so that they are completely independent and no need for cables. Every load cell also has Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to backup the central receiver to deliver continuous load monitoring, even during power shut down, making the Stagemaker radio load cells a high reliable and extremely suitable system for touring operations.

Within this range of radio load cells, there are three different configurations to choose from depending entirely on your preference or operation suitability, including integration on the Stagemaker's suspension hook, lifting chain or on to the SR with shackles.

Options include:

  • Set point for integration of Stagemaker Load Cell system with any controller
  • Real time cellular SMS alert on overload occurrence
  • Additional channel - per load cell / per channel or per central radio receiver / per channel
  • Single wire option for the wireless receiver
  • 'Master and slave' central radio receiver
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Technical Information

The technical specification for Stagemaker radio load cell's:

  • The SRLI requires one-time installation and then the load cell can stay as an integral part of the hoist for the duration of an entire tour saving installation time in the future
  • There's no need for additional accessories like shackles when using the SRLI
  • Completely wireless so no need for cables
  • Multiple channels ensuring reliable transmission
  • Each load cell transmits independently
  • Offers 5000 hours of battery life as standard with an optional 10,000 hours battery life also available
  • Little headroom loss
  • Up to 200 load cells on one central radio receiver
  • Load cells are available with a safety factor of 5 or 10
  • Load cells can easily be retrofitted to any existing hoists on the market, whether industrial or entertainment industry
  • Will make periodical maintenance/service of the hoist easier
  • Very long battery life enabling continuous load monitoring, even during power shut down


Download Stagemaker Radio Load Cells commercial documents:


SRLM Stagemaker Radio Load Cell

Stagemaker radio load cell on Stagemaker SR with shackles

SRLI Stagemaker Radio Load Cell integrated on SR lifting chain

Stagemaker radio load cell integrated on Stagemaker SR lifting chain

SRLC Stagemaker Radio Load Cell Compact

Stagemaker radio load cell compact integrated on Stagemaker SR suspension hook


A range of options available:

  • Set point for integration of the Stagemaker Load Cell system with any controller
  • Real time cellular SMS alert on overload occurrence
  • Additional channel either per load cell / per channel or per central radio receiver / per channel. Each Stagemaker load cell has 2 frequency channels as standard and up to 2 additional channels can be added as an optional extra. The system will switch between channels once per second and will continuously cycle through all available channels whilst in operation. The dual system will simply switch between channels but when using 3 or 4 channels the system will run through the channels in order, which increases safety and reliability. If one channel is blocked due to environmental interference, the system will receive a reliable reading on an alternative channel within one second, removing the possibility of not receiving a transmission.
  • Single wire for the wireless receiver
  • 'Master and Slave' central radio receiver for increased range, harsh conditions and the ability to monitor several halls in one control room. Laptop not included for slave central radio receiver / laptop included for master central radio receiver.

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