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Eurobloc VT Open Barrel Electric Wire Rope Hoist (VT9, VT10, VT11, VT12)

The Eurobloc VT open barrel electric wire rope hoist boasts the largest lifting capacity within the Verlinde range of electric wire rope hoists, with a safe working load of 10,000kg to 250,000kg and a height of lift up to 129 metres.

The VT open barrel electric wire rope hoist also provides rapid and variable lifting speeds by closed loop inverter technology and the large load capacity is achieved without having to utilise a twin hoist combination.

  • A standard maintenance platform is available as an option
  • Innovative rope guide system reduces stress on the wire rope and improves life span
  • Drum design will increase lifetime of the steel wire rope
  • Hoist brake designed for optimal safety
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Technical Information

Verlinde's largest capacity electric wire rope hoist has an impressive technical specification:

  • High performance hoisting motor
  • Variable lifting speed with closed loop inverter technology
  • Variable speed for travelling
  • Hoisting and travelling brake with improved safety
  • High performance cast rope guide
  • Four step gear limit switches for lifting
  • Two step travelling limits switches
  • Predictive maintenance monitor (MT2)
  • Lift motor with encoders
  •  Intelligent brake system monitoring to detect load slip or obstruction
  • Overload protection
  • IP55 protection
  • Class F or H hoisting motors
  • Thermal protection on lifting and travelling motors
  • Ready to use configurations with MT2 to be configured on-site
  • Two pack Epoxy paint (thickness 120 μm)
  • Double safety limit system for end of travel lifting


Download Verlinde Eurobloc VT Open Barrel electric wire rope hoist commercial and technical documents:


The Eurobloc VT Open Barrel electric wire rope hoist is only available one configuration with a range of crab gauges, including 2.4m / 2.7m / 3.4m / 4.2m / 5.3m / 5.8m / 6.5m:

Eurobloc VT Open Barrel Electric Wire Rope Hoist
Top Running

The Eurobloc VT Open Barrel electric wire rope hoist is only available with a top running configuration due to the size and capacity of this hoist.

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Both wire rope hoists wire rope hoists and chain hoists are robust lifting appliances that are widely used across numerous industry sectors in a variety of lifting applications. Wire rope hoists have higher lifting capacities and our range of Eurobloc VT electric wire rope hoists are able to lift up to 250 tonnes, compared with 10 tonnes from our electric chain hoists and 50 tonnes from our manual chain hoists. The greater lifting capacity is one of the factors that makes wire rope hoists a more expensive option compared with a chain hoist, but there are other things to consider when trying to decide whether a wire rope hoist or a chain hoist would be better suited to your operation.


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