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Single Girder Overhead Crane (Top Running with Chain Hoist)

Hoist UK single girder overhead cranes are manufactured to the highest standards using components from Verlinde and can be configured to handle loads up to 80,000kg and spans of up to 30 metres. The Single Girder Overhead Crane is supplied with a VR electric chain hoist.

  • Safe working load up to 80,000kg
  • Configured with a VR Electric Chain Hoist
  • Spans of up to 30 meters available
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Technical Information

The Single Girder Overhead Crane (Top Running with Chain Hoist) technical information:

  • Components by Verlinde
  • Dual / Variable speed lifting
  • Variable speed cross travel as standard
  • Variable speed long travel as standard
  • Manufactured to European Standards
  • Radio control option available
  • Predictive maintenance device option
  • Crane assembled in the UK

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The end user required a manual overhead crane system rated to 7,000kg to be integrated into a newly developed maintenance plant for their hydroelectrical scheme to power a mountain gondola.

Our design engineers coordinated the design of the crane system with the contractor from the early stages of the project so that we could make use of the buildings steelwork for installation. Access restrictions were a particular challenge because the 7 metre crane bridge needed to be installed before the plant’s roof went on.

Manual Overhead Crane Bridge with Manual Chain Hoist and Hand Geared Travel Trolley

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