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ST Lightweight Double Girder Crane (Steel) Eurosystem

The ST (steel) Lightweight Double Girder Crane is best suited for heavier loads and provides a robust lifting solution for your operation. The system is adaptable to suit an operation of any size and can easily be scaled upwards at a later date if required due to it's modular design and construction. The double girder crane in steel offers a lifting capacity of 125kg to 2000kg and is suitable for use in low headroom environments.

  • The modular design means that it is possible to motorise a manual trolley later on
  • Suspended on trolleys, the crane beam travels along the length of the runway profiles manually or electrically
  • An outstanding rolling friction coefficient guarantees smooth low-noise movement
  • Trolleys wheels are made of nylon, and the contact surface inside the profiles is reduced
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Technical Information

The ST Lightweight Double Girder Crane (Steel) system's technical features:

  • Reduced headroom providing increased working height
  • Easily extendable monorail tracks, runways, circuits, thanks to the modular system design
  • Less force/wear applied to carrying structure thanks to the suspended design of the system
  • Almost zero upkeep required
  • Components are compact, offering an efficient use of space
  • Simple or complete circuit systems with direction-changing system either by switches or turnables
  • Telescopic beams are available
  • Installation and fixation is done by simple bolting


Download ST Double Girder Crane System's commercial and technical documents:

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The National Theatre required an overhead crane system to be installed on the scene dock for the Dorfman Theatre to assist their teams with set builds.

The crane system the NT required would need to maximise their operational space and to achieve this a low headroom solution would be the best choice. The work space’s ceiling where the crane is to be installed was not entirely level, so our engineers would need to plan and agree a suitable suspension method for the crane.

Overhead Crane System for the scene dock at the National Theatres Dorfman Theatre
Alba Synchrotron Radiation Facility Particle Accelerator 1


A series of lightweight 250kg, 500kg and 1,000kg manual overhead cranes for sensitive equipment handling and maintenance.

Due to the nature of the clients facility and the overhead crane systems being set within the roofs of the chambers, it was not possible to have parallel running tracks and there was also a requirement to accommodate curves within the track to align to the chamber roof as closely as possible.

Our design team needed to consider a lifting solution with these considerations in mind whilst also addressing the reduced headroom working capacity.


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