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SR Stagemaker Electric Chain Hoists (Direct Control)

The SR Stagemaker electric chain hoists (Direct Control) is a cost effective, premium quality rigging hoist designed specifically for use in the entertainment sector, for handling stage and theatre equipment and ensuring the safe and precise positioning of speakers, lighting systems, stage sets, sceneries, etc. The Stagemaker SR comes BGV D8+ ready and has a lifting capacity of 250kg to 1,000kg.

With it's new ergonomic design, the Stagemaker SR is the only model available on the market with these features as standard:

  • Double lifting brake
  • Retractable hand grips
  • Protective rubber pads
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Technical Information

Technical features of the SR Stagemaker Electric Chain Hoists (Direct Control):

  • Direct control CE plug P17 type, 4 poles 16A (red : power supply/control)
  • New “Perfect Push”, patented concept, 5 pocket load wheel, fitted with 5 intermediate teeth reducing the risk of chain jamming
  • Double lifting brake as standard for more safety. Stagemaker SR is D8+ ready
  • The clutch position in the reducer ensures the load is held by the brake regardless of the machine’s daily operating conditions
  • Electrical limit switch as standard on all SR5 and SR10 (version B) with standard Limitflux
  • Adjustable torque limiter device
  • Connection cable with CE plug 4p - 16A
  • Chain bucket included
  • Black electro galvanised lifting chain manufactured specifically for Stagemaker
  • All hoist motor as integral thermal protection to prevent overheating (version B)
  • For upright or inverted use
  • Quiet during operation with a maximum noise level of 60 dB
  • IP55 protection for the entire hoist
  • Self adjusting and maintenance free DC Brake
  • Power / Frequency 400V / 415V / 3Ph / 50 Hz
  • Rotating upper and lower hook
  • Non-reflecting matt black paint finish
Stagemaker with Double Brake as standard, BGV D8+ ready and available in either direct or low voltage control
Stagemaker with Double Brake as standard, BGV D8+ ready and available in either direct or low voltage control


Stagemaker Rigging Hoist Industrial Suspension Hoist Configuration
Stagemaker Rigging Hoist Climbing Hoist Configuration
Stagemaker Rigging Hoist LimitFlux
Stagemaker Rigging Hoist ChainFlux


Download the SR Stagemaker Electric Chain Hoists (Direct Control)'s commercial and technical documents:

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Our customer required rigging motors to be used in conjunction with a truss ground support system to provide a solution for raising and lowering their lighting and sound installations within the venue.

Working with the project’s audio-visual consultants, our lifting equipment engineers had a small time window to install and commission the Stagemaker hoists and accompanying 16-channel wall mounted controller during the works on site.

Rigging Motors used with Truss Ground Support System for raising and lowering lighting and sound installations in an event venue

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