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Our G.Winch product is specifically certified for the lifting and lowering of personnel. As well as a personnel winch, it may also be used for load lifting. The G.Winch can be used for either rescue purposes or day to day personnel lifting. Ideal for use in confined space access, the G.Winch can be fitted to our G.Tripod quickly and easily.

There are two versions available; 150kg (SWL) and 250kg (SWL).

The G.Winch is complete with:

  • Anti-run braking mechanism.
  • Tough and durable gears for a wear-resistant working life.
  • Hard-wearing and tough pressed steel body and casing.
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Technical Information

The G.Winch features the following:

  • Heavy Duty.
  • Anti-run brake.
  • 150kg or 250kg Safe Working Load.
  • Gear ratio 1:8:9 (for easy personnel lifting).
  • Galvanised or stainless steel cable, with auto-lock karabiner.
  • Up to 50m cable.
  • Can be mounted to the G.Tripod or G.Davit.
  • CE certified, Conforms to European Directive 2006/42/EC.


Download our G.Winch documentation:

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