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G. Saver II

Fall Arrester & Rescue Winch

Hoist UK offers the G.Saver II which is a retractable fall arrest device featuring a combined rescue winch for raising or lowering the user to safety, in the event a fall occurs. In order to protect the user from a fall, the G.Saver II should be primarily used in fall arrest mode with the winch mechanism disengaged. Should a fall occur, the steel cable will be pulled out at an accelerating rate. When a speed of 1.5m/sec is reached, the braking system activates, thereby arresting and cushioning the fall. Once the fall has been arrested, the winch mechanism will become engaged so the user can be either raised or lowered to safety.

The G.Saver II means there is no additional equipment needed to retrieve users. This prevents them from being suspended for large amounts of time. With the suspended load removed and the winch mechanism disengaged, the cable will automatically retract back into the system, regaining the fall arrest function.

  • Recovery winch with anti-run brake.
  • Shock absorbing brake mechanism.
  • Anti-lock karabiner.
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Technical Information

The G. Saver II features the following technical characteristics:

  • Manufactured in the UK.
  • Retrieval winch with anti-run brake.
  • Shock absorbing brake mechanism.
  • Galvanised or stainless steel cables available.
  • Cable lengths of 7 to 34m available.
  • Cable retrieval rate: approx. 3m per minute.
  • Stopping distance of approx. 0.6m to 1.0m
  • 136kg safe working load.
  • Weight: 11-23kg (cable length dependant)
  • CE certified, fully certified to European Standards. Conforms to EN360 & EN1496


Download the documentation for the G. Saver II:

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