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VGPASP1 Aluminium Portable/Mobile Lifting Gantry Crane (Cleanroom)

The VGPASP1 Aluminium Portable Gantry optimised for clean room is an independent manual a-frame gantry that can be re-positioned within the clean room facility to suit your application and it is easy to disassemble and reassemble as and when it is needed. The VGPASP1 has been designed so that it is configurable with all types of hoists and can also be equipped with manual and electrically-powered chain tackle.

The VGPASP1 aluminium portable clean room gantry features a Eurosystem Alu profile with a manual trolley for a hoist as standard and has a lifting capacity of 250kg to 2,000kg.

  • Lightweight and user friendly
  • Corrosion resistant construction for clean room use
  • Adjustable in height by 200mm increments
  • Infinitely variable adjustment to span (no set dimensions)
  • Foldable for transportation
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Technical Information

The VGPASP1 Aluminium Portable / Mobile Gantry for clean room applications has the following technical features as standard:

  • Safe working loads available: 250kg/500kg/1,000kg/1,600kg/2,000kg
  • Working spans available are 0.9/1.4/1.9/2.4/2.9/3.4/3.9/4.4/4.9/5.4 metres
  • Heights to underside: Model H0 1.55 - 2.15 metres
  • Heights to underside: Model H1 2.15 - 3.2 metres
  • Heights to underside: Model H2 3.0 - 4.0 metres
  • Legs can be folded for dismantling/storage
  • Infinitely adjustable span
  • Supplied with Eurosystem push trolley
  • Mounted on castor wheels in white polyamide (other options available)
  • 2 locking castor's as standard
  • Supplied with EC Declaration of Conformity
  • Optional power feeding line and main isolator
  • Eurosystem ALU main beam

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