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Aluminium Lightweight Monorail Crane System (Clean Room)

The Aluminium Lightweight Monorail Crane System is Verlinde's Eurosystem hollow profile overhead handling system for loads of 60kg to 2,000kg. It's ideally suited for use in clean room environments due to its anodised anti-corrosive treatment, and aluminium is generally better suited to operations where manual moving of loads is required as it delivers an easier start, smoother motion and easier positioning and stop movements when compared to steel rails. Using an Aluminium profile also reduces the cost of supporting structures as it's 2 times lighter than its steel equivalent, it's easy to use and install and is economical for lifting structures.

A graded range of profile sizes available, however as with steel sections, the selection of the model will depend on the load capacity and the distance between the suspension points:

  • AL06, 6.5 kg/m, p to 320 kg
  • AL08, 8 kg/m, up to 500 kg
  • AL06, 10.6 kg/m, up to 2,000 kg
  • AL06, 14.5 kg/m, up to 2,000 kg
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Technical Information

The Aluminium Lightweight Monorail Crane System's technical features:

  • Light rails means users can very easily and effortlessly handle heavy and cumbersome loads
  • Accuracy is ensured through high quality manufacture and smooth movements
  • Reduced weight on supporting structure
  • The entire handling system can be fixed to a lifting structure with several suspension types available
  • Tracks can be configured for monorail, single girder or double girder crane configurations
  • Trolleys with nylon wheels and bearings
  • Loads easy to move due to nylon wheels in anodised aluminium tracks
  • The profile is anodised both outside and inside to provide an anti-corrosive treatment
  • The aluminium profiles are externally and internally anodised
  • The beam is guaranteed without welding
  • Integral end stops which are quickly removed as required
  • Aluminium tracks are fully anodised for corrosion resistance
  • Tracks are extruded and have no welding
  • Crane supplied with EC Declaration of Conformity


Download ALU Lightweight Monorail (Aluminium) light crane system's commercial and technical documents:

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