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Pneumatic Arm Manipulators ATEX (Zone 1, 2, 21 & 22)

Pneumatic Arm Manipulators are designed to operate with over hanging loads and are suitable for ATEX classified zones. For this reason they are a necessity for loading and unloading of industrial machinery. Thanks to pneumatic accessories and special accessories, it is not only possible to lift parts, but also to rotate, tilt and turn them upside down or, more simply to incline them as is required. These Pneumatic Arm Manipulators are available in 9 different sizes offering lifting capacities from 100kg to 600kg, a working radius from 2m to 4.3m and a vertical stroke from 800mm to 2,400mm.

Every manipulator is supplied with a special handling attachment that is manufactured to the customers specific requirements. The handling attachment is connected to the arm of the industrial manipulator by a rotating joint with 7 internal air passages, that allow to rotate 360° continuously around the vertical axis.

These manipulators can be:

  • Fixed to the ground
  • Utilised with a fork-liftable self bearing base
  • Suspended to a push operated or pneumatic powered trolley, to slide on suspended rails
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Each manipulator attachment is customised and manufactured to meet a customer individual requirements. Here are some examples of Pneumatic Arm Manipulator ATEX attachments:

Pneumatic Arm Manipulator Bag Handling
Bag Handling
Pneumatic Arm Manipulator Boxes
Pneumatic Arm Manipulator Car Components
Car Components
Pneumatic Arm Manipulator Food Industry
Food Industry
Pneumatic Arm Manipulator Gripping Tools
Gripping Tools
Pneumatic Arm Manipulator Magnetic Handling
Magnetic Handling
Pneumatic Arm Manipulator Panels
Pneumatic Arm Manipulator Shafts and Drums
Shafts and Drums
Pneumatic Arm Manipulator Tanks
Pneumatic Arm Manipulator Vacuum Handling
Vacuum Handling

Technical Information

The Pneumatic Arm Manipulator's ATEX technical features:

  • Lifting/handling capacity of 100kg to 600kg
  • Attachments make it possible to lift, rotate, tilt and turn parts upside down or incline them
  • 360° arm continual rotation enabled by internal air passages
  • Special handling attachment manufactured specifically to a customers requirements
  • Vertical stroke of 800mm up to 2,400mm
  • Working radius from 2m to 4.3m
  • Manipulators can be fixed to ground or used with a forklift truck specific base
  • Can be suspended to a push operated or pneumatic powered trolley to slide on suspended rails

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