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WA Battery Driven Worm Gear Winch

The WA Battery Driven Worm Gear Winch is a lesser duty hoisting winch for us with a cordless drill and has a lifting capacity of up to 200kg. The winches closed worm gear box has a transmission with a self braking capacity. This self braking capacity ensures a hold of the load at any required height during hoisting and lowering. All rotating parts run in maintenance free bearings. The winch can be wall mounted or console mounted; it is available in grey/black paint.

  • Lifting capacity of 200kg
  • For us with cordless drill and is supplied with flexible coupling attachment
  • Wall mounted or console mounted
  • Cable drum for 1 cable
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Technical Information

Technical information for Gebuwin's WA Battery Driven Worm Gear Winch:

  • Robust and safe hoisting winch
  • For use in combination with a cordless drill
  • Flexible coupling attachment for cordless drill
  • Statical safety factor is 4
  • Self-braking worm gear system
  • In compliance with DIN 15020 and the EN13157
  • Suitable for wall or floor (console) fixation
  • Suitable for short hoisting lengths
  • Maintenance free aluminium closed gear box
  • Painted cable drum and frame
  • Easy fastening of cable


Download Gebuwin WA Battery Driven Worm Gear Winch commercial and technical documents:

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