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Zero Fleet Performer Winch (2D or 3D Flight)

The Zero Fleet Performer Winch (2D or 3D Flight) from Hoist UK offers smooth, quiet, fast and reliable operation and is one of the most versatile winches available in the market. In its standard configuration this performer winch is ideal for single line pendulum flying, 2D bridled flying using two winches or 3D bridled flying using four winches.

When used in a track system the same winch can be reconfigured to have two ropes for traversing with the lead on and lead off pulleys being mounted on the same lead screw, making a significant reduction in the stock you need to keep in house to give maximum flexibility to your hire fleet.

  • Designed and manufactured by Hoist UK
  • Compliant with British Standards BS7905 and 6 and the German Standard BGV C1
  • Standard configuration is ideal for single line pendulum flying, 2D bridled flying using two winches or 3D bridled flying using four winches
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Technical Information

The technical features of the Zero Fleet Performer Winch (2D or 3D Flight):

  • Safe Working Load: 100kgs (other safe working loads available on request)
  • Zero fleet angle offered on all units
  • Compact design with a robust and lightweight construction
  • Built in drop pulley and fairlead set
  • Mechanical design factor of 10:1
  • Housed in wheeled dolly for touring
  • Standard variable speed of 0 - 2m/sec (other speeds available up to 4m/sec on request)
  • 415V 3 Phase supply as standard (other voltages on request)
  • 4 position limit switches (including security)
  • Incremental encoder or absolute encoder (if required)
  • Fitted with double brake unit, virtually silent in operation
  • Standard drum capacity of 20m (other drums available for 4mm and 6mm SWR and other capacities available on request)
  • Optional diverter and flag pulleys available
  • Rope Pressure roller fitted
  • Steel Wire Rope is 5mm as standard
  • Floor, grid and truss mountable

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Our entertainment consultancy customer required 2 performer flying systems and a display rigging system for a holiday resort in Greece for one of the UK’s premier tour operators.

Working as part of a larger scale project it was vitally important that the specification was fully understood, and their vision was realised using the knowledge, experience and innovative thinking at our disposal. The challenge was ensuring everything was prepared, configured and ready to be shipped to meet tight timescales so that our electro-mechanical engineer could install the solutions and provide engineering assistance on site.

Performer Flying Winches and Display Rigging Winch

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