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KITO EQ Electric Chain Hoist

The KITO EQ electric chain hoist is the ideal solution for light to medium duty industrial applications. With a variable frequency drive as standard, the design allows for maximized productivity with its “no load mode” that automatically increases the hoist speed by 130% when less than 30% of the safe working load is being lifted.

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Innovative design with less components
  • Overload limiter as standa
  • Unique nickel plated load chain for increased working lifespan
  • Soft start and stop as standard
  • Load sensing with high speed functions for increased productivity
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1) Versatile Suspension Point

The suspension point has been designed so that it can be removed with ease using a simple pin arrangement.

2) Safe & Reliable Brake System

With a rotor and pull rotor incorporated in the motor, this is a cone type drum brake which is released at the time of operation. When the power is shut off, the brake is activated, ensuring complete safety.

3) Compact Die-Cast Aluminium Body

Lightweight and completely sealed body, IP 55 rated. The compact design offers a low headroom.

4) Long-life Friction Clutch

Provides consistent overload protection. Prevents damages of hoist and load.


The EQ electric chain hoist is designed with a dual speed inverter to deliver a smoother lifter operation. The variable speed lifting reduces load swing, results in smooth start and stop functionality and improved positioning accuracy.




Hook Suspension

For applications where horizontal travel is not required.

Push Travel Trolley

Push travel trolley for manually pushing and pulling the load horizontally along a runway beam.

Hand Geared Travel Trolley

Hand chain drive for mechanical assistance in traversing the load horizontally along a runway beam.

Electric Travel Trolley

Variable speed travelling trolley for powered traversing of the load horizontally along a runway beam.