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The Challenge

Using our understanding of the customers requirements and their intended application we explored a variety of different options and worked with our customer to find the most appropriate lifting solution for their operational needs. Consideration was given to a potential Jib Crane solution configured with a chain hoist but this didn't meet all of our customers requirements. The main focus was the customer's need for a lifting system that offered one handed operation so that they could eliminate the need for manual handling and streamline their operational efficiencies.

The Solution

The customer had a component that was being manually lifted in and out of a lathe and they wanted something smooth and easy to lift and handle it in and out of the machine. Pneumatic options provide easy handling for one operator as opposed to a jib crane configured with a chain hoist which would require two handed operation to steady the load and operate the push button pendant.

On this basis the most suitable handling solution for our customer based on their requirements and our understanding of their application was a Pneumatic Rope Balancer. Configured to our customers specification the Rope Balancer offered a 150kg safe working load, 4m overall radius with a 2.8m column height and a 1.6m vertical stroke for effortless operation.

To ensure precision, controlled movement the Pneumatic Rope Balancer was also supplied with a parking brake on the rotating joint to prevent spontaneous movements of the handling attachment. The parking brake is controlled by a knob and once activated it restricts the rope balancer’s slew to steady the load. Whilst the brake is activated you are still able to raise and lower the load.

The Pneumatic Rope Balancer was installed by our lifting equipment engineers who also carried out proof loading testing on site. The lifting equipment was supplied with an EC Declaration of Conformity as well as a Report of Thorough Examination (ROTE).

Hoist UK

James Jordan, Sales Manager at Hoist UK

“We are a solution’s driven business with our customers at the heart of what we do. We pride ourselves in working with our customers to solve problems and offer the most suitable lifting solutions that are technically correct, and safety focused, and this project was no exception. Using our experience, knowledge and understanding of the customer’s requirements we have successfully supplied, installed and commissioned a robust solution that will not only remove the need for manual handling in that element of their operation but also provides a solid investment to enhance their operational efficiency.”