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The Challenge

Working as part of a larger scale project it was vitally important that the specification was fully understood, and their vision was realised using the knowledge, experience and innovative thinking at our disposal. The challenge was ensuring everything was prepared, configured and ready to be shipped to meet tight timescales so that our electro-mechanical engineer could install the solutions and provide engineering assistance on site.

The Solution

We designed and manufactured 2 performer flying systems, each with different requirements and proposed ranges of application, as well as a display rigging system which were supplied to the site in Greece and then installed with support from our electro-mechanical engineer.

The lighting bar/video bar rigging solution consisted of a custom designed pulley system with 6 ropes off the drum complete with controller, that are secured to a bar providing a 500kg safe working load to safely rig and control suspension and movement of a large display within the entertainment theatre.

The first performer flying system, a flying pyramid, had a 100kg safe working load and consisted of a lightweight pyramid structure complete with single line performer flying winch for a single person. The winch is hidden at low level with only one rope leading into the frame and is controlled by an inverter fed control panel with joy stick.

The second performer flying system provided a 100kg safe working load and the winch itself was mounted inside a performer track, fitted with a variable speed travel trolley and configured with a festoon system for cable management. This single girder lightweight tracking system and rigging hoist was also configured with an encoder and inverter to provide speed and positional accuracy. The controller for this system featured a wander lead handset configured with a 7” colour HMI screen to provide a visual indication of the performer’s position, with joystick operation to control 2D flying.

The control solutions for the performer flying winch systems were configured by our engineer on site and proof load testing was carried out by our lifting equipment engineer before being put into service, with EC Declarations of Conformity supplied for all equipment.

Hoist UK

Tony Dickson, Director at Hoist UK

“Hoist UK have completed a number of projects in 2018 for large scale theatre performer flying systems and this project in particular gave us an opportunity to deliver added value to our customer. Through an innovative range of solutions, we have not only realised our customers vision we have also provided a control solution to enhance performance range.”