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The Challenge

The client wanted a solution that would be fully versatile and would allow them to use the gantry for a wide range of different lifting operations on site. One specific operation was the loading and unloading of materials from trucks which the client ideally wanted to do from inside or outside of the building.

Due to the restrictions of the building and to perform in line with the clients requirements the gantry couldn’t be any taller than 4.8 metres whilst maintaining an actual lifting height of 4 metres. It also needed to be no wider than 5 metres.

The Solution

Following discussion and technical review from our sales engineers, Hoist UK were able to provide a motorised gantry crane solution that fell in-line with the dimensional and operational constraints put in place by the client. In order to fulfil all of the lifting operations on-site, the gantry was supplied with a 6.3t SWL.

The gantry was supplied with an electric chain hoist complete with powered travelling trolley. The hoist featured dual speeds of 3.2 m/min and 0.75 m/min for increased control during operation, controlled by the cabled push button pendant.

The motorised gantry allowed full flexibility and with additional safety features such as the buffers (supplied as standard) the customer is able to freely and travel the gantry within the working area.

The buffers provide an additional level of safety in day to day operation, as when the gantry makes contact with an object, the safety devices cut out the travel and will not allow the operator to continue to collide into the object. To see an example of the gantry & safety features in operation click here

The gantry was supplied and certified as "moveable under load" and was configured to allow the customer to use inside or outside of the building.

Hoist UK

James Jordan, Business Development Manager

"Our sales team worked very closely with the client to provide a versatile and flexible lifting solution. The investment from the customer in this equipment will definitely be worthwhile as the crane is not limited to one specific location and can be moved between the premises with ease. I'm proud to say we offered the technically correct product for this application."