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Pneumatic Arm Manipulators for Car Components

A Pneumatic Arm Manipulator is an integral part of any motor/automotive operation, enabling the operator to move any product quickly, effortlessly and safely, helping to streamline your vehicle manufacture and maintenance whilst increasing productivity.

Our Manipulators are flexible and adaptable with many tangible benefits for use in an automotive operation including controlling the production process, increasing productivity and movement of parts and equipment.

The Manipulator is fixed to the ground and is designed to operate with overhanging loads, which is ideal for the loading and unloading of industrial machinery, particularly car components. There are a broad range of accessories available for our Pneumatic Manipulator’s and every manipulator is supplied with a special handling attachment that is manufactured to the customer’s specific requirements.

The Pneumatic Arm Manipulators Technical Features:

There are a wide variety of attachments for the Pneumatic Arm Manipulator that are suited to automotive/car manufacturing. The attachments for Car Components, Panels, Magnetic Handling and Gripping Tools enable the operator to lift, rotate, tilt and turn parts upside down or incline them as needed.

  • Lifting and handling capacity of 100kg to 600kg
  • 360° arm continual rotation enabled by internal air passages
  • Special handling attachment manufactured specifically to a customers requirements
  • Vertical stroke of 800mm up to 2,400mm
  • Working radius from 2m to 4.3m
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Lifting /Spreader Beams for Car Components

Lifting Beams used with an electric hoist or manual crane are a versatile lifting and handling solution that are commonly used in the automotive industry. We offer a range of 2 or 4-point Lifting Beams, with adjustable or fixed drop centres that are available in either aluminium or steel.

For car components, our Four Point Lifting Frame with Adjustable Drop Centres are more popular because of the stability provided by the four lifting points and the flexibility of being able to move the drop centres. The adjustable drop centres serve to further stabilise the load, and they can either be used with standard swivel hooks, wire rope slings or chain slings. Similarly our Four Point Lifting Frame with Fixed Drop Centres offers the same lifting stability but is better suited to a standard load type and is a cheaper alternative to the adjustable drop centre version.

The choice between Aluminium or Steel is entirely dependent on the customers own preference. Aluminium Lifting Beams are lightweight and will inevitably utilise less of the hoists safe working load and maximise your lifting capacity by handling larger loads. Aluminium Lifting Beams are also anodised aluminium structures providing corrosion resistance and of course, aluminium is not magnetic which is a factor some of our customers must take into consideration. Steel Lifting Beams are a more economical alternative to their Aluminium counter parts and offer much the same practical benefits.

Aluminium Four Point Lifting Beam Technical Features:

Our Aluminium Four Point Lifting Beam with Adjustable Drop Centres is our most popular lifting beam for use in the car manufacture and automotive industry for lifting and handling car components because of it's versatility and ability to handle loads of different sizes and weight distributions.

  • Main suspension lug and drop lugs can be adjusted easily to accommodate loads with different centres of gravity
  • Lightweight construction allowing greater utilisation of your hoists Safe Working Load (SWL)
  • Anodised aluminium structure for corrosion resistance
  • Frame adjustable in 100mm increments
  • Fitted with articulated safety swivel hooks
  • Suitable for hoists with a maximum lifting speed of 16 mpm
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Mobile Workshop Gantry Cranes

For a car manufacturing operation where lifting and handling heavy parts like car batteries and engine components is a necessity, but there are restrictions to overhead crane and hoisting lifting systems installations, a mobile gantry is an ideal solution for your workshop.

A Portable Gantry Crane offers a lifting capacity from 250kg to 5 tonnes and our Steel Workshop Portable Gantry Crane's are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and can be configured with either an electric chain hoist or manual crane hoist. We also offer a Steel Mobile Powered Gantry which is motorised, can run by mains through a cable reeling drum or be battery powered and provides a lifting capacity of up to 6,300kg. Some of our Workshop Gantry Cranes are movable under load, which includes our Powered Gantry, and we also offer an Aluminium Portable Gantry Crane which can be adjusted to suit your operational needs and folded for easy storage.

We also offer a design and manufacture service for our customers to translate your requirements into a bespoke Gantry Crane that is uniquely suited to your workshop/manufacturing plants needs.

Bespoke Steel Portable Lifting Gantry Crane:

Our a href="/products/industrial/huksg1-bespoke-steel-portable-mobile-aframe-lifting-gantry-crane/">Bespoke Steel Portable Lifting Gantry Crane is a popular lifting solution for our automotive industry customers. A range of options can be included including:

  • Safe working loads available: 500kg/1,000kg/1,600kg/2,000kg/3,200kg/5,000kg
  • Spans available are 2.5/3/3.5/4/4.5/5 metres
  • Heights to underside of 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 metres
  • Supplied with locking castors on two wheels
  • A range of painting options and electrical kits available
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Jib Cranes for Car Manufacturing

A Jib Crane can be an invaluable lifting and handling solution in an automotive production environment. Our Jib Cranes provide lifting capacities from 60kg to 10 tonnes and spans of up to 8 meters, providing a range of options dependent on your operational needs.

We are able to supply Column Mounted Jib Cranes, Wall Mounted Jib Cranes Wall Mounted Jib Cranes and Ceiling Mounted Articulated Jib Cranes with either underbraced, overbraced or articulated jib arms. Each jib crane offers its own associated benefits and operational advantages, are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, can be configured with Manual Hoists or Electric Hoists and some have the option for manual and powered trolleys.

If you require a lifting solution for light - medium weight car parts and components during the production process, where separate work stations are needed then a Wall Mounted Jib Crane with a powered trolley and pendant control would be the ideal lifting and handling system. Where walls aren’t available a Column Mounted Jib Crane provides the same handling capabilities as it’s wall mounted counterpart with additional lifting capacity for light to medium weight components. Both our Wall Mounted Jib Cranes and Column Jib Cranes are suitable for low headroom and standard headroom working environments.

Column Jib Crane with Manual or Electric Slew

This Underbraced Column Jib Crane is available with either manual or electric slew, offers a lifting capacity of 125kg to 10 tonnes, has a span of 2 to 8 meters and an arm clearance of up to 4 meters as standard (or higher upon request). It has a variety of other options available, including:

  • Installation template and cast in anchor rods
  • Some models available with large base for use with resin anchor bolts
  • Motorisation on main roller for indoor use or top-mounted motorisation for outdoor use
  • Hoist power supply cable and lockable main switch
  • Slip ring electrical collector, for unlimited rotation
  • Hot dip galvanising available
  • Single or multi-positional rotation locks available