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The Challenge

This specific operation at the OSS facility was a newly conceived cleanroom and we designed and fabricated a free-standing structure that would not only be the support structure for the crane we supplied, but also for the cleanroom itself.

It was imperative that the supporting steel structure had a minimal impact on the room so as to not compromise the space available and also limit any structural impact on the existing concrete floor slab. We had to design the steel work to only impose vertical loads into the existing slab, whilst also being capable of withstanding the vertical, lateral and longitudinal loads from the crane system.

Due to the collaborative nature of this project our design engineers needed to work closely with the project team at Clean Room Construction Ltd (CRC) to understand the load allowances required to accommodate the necessary equipment required. This includes cladding, ceiling panels, extractions and filtering equipment etc. This equipment needed to be housed above the inner skin of the room within the confines of the structural support frame.

The Solution

Hoist UK’s involvement in multiple key components of this project meant that our installation process needed to be phased to facilitate the successful completion of all elements, including design, fabrication, installation and testing for both ourselves and our project partners.

Working to create a cleanroom within a designated space at the facility, we designed a steel support structure 15 metres wide, 20 metres long and 10 metres tall, using 20 tonnes of steel. The structure was designed to maximise the available space and we coordinated our design with project partners Clean Room Construction Ltd (CRC) to ensure factor in load allowances required for the internal and external cleanroom cladding. The support structure also needed to include allowance to support the crane structure and provide the desired lifting capacity of 1,250kg.

Given that the newly created cleanroom was being developed within an existing structure, there were structural challenges posed due to our limited use of the existing concrete slab as a foundation for the structure. To mitigate these restrictions, our design engineers portalised the frame to eliminate any moment connections required at the base of the structure and work with the existing floor slab.

The first phase of the installation saw our engineers erect the supporting steel structure ready for the projects collaborating contractors to complete their elements of the projects installation.

Hoist UK

James Jordan, Sales Manager

“Installation is a large part of any project we undertake, it’s as important as the design, manufacture and supply elements. Our customers choose Hoist UK because of our experience and expertise in providing a full-service lifting solutions package and we have a reputation for quality at every stage of the project, delivering robust systems that are not only technically correct and fit for purpose, but always remembering safety above all.”