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Hoist UK Van on site at Blackpool Zoo

The Requirements

The Award Winning Blackpool Zoo required a new feeding solution for their elephants. The elephants had created an association between the sound of the motorised hoist engaging and being fed. This would make the elephants walk to where the hoist was lowering and wait to be fed. So the Zoo Keepers wanted to encourage natural feeding behaviour.

Hoist Control Panel at Blackpool Zoo

The Solution

A 7 inch HMI touch screen controller with a simple to operate graphic user interface was installed to control the hoists. This system had the ability to manually control the hoists alongside the feature to automate feeding times. Using this system, the zoo keepers were able to program automatic feeding times, sporadically throughout the day.

Additionally, a 2 position system was set. 1 position would be lowering the food halfway into the elephant enclosure leaving it out of the elephants reach. The 2nd position lowering it fully. The continued use of these two positions would encourage the elephants to disassociate the sound of the motorised hoist with being fed and create more natural feeding behaviour amongst the herd.

Hoist UK

James Jordan, Business Development Manager

“We’re very proud to be of assistance to the exciting Project Elephant - Base Camp at Blackpool Zoo. This was a very unusual challenge and I’m pleased our team were able to help solve this unique problem for these endangered animals”


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