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Electric Wire Rope Hoists

An Electric Wire Rope Hoist is a heavy duty lifting appliance with a higher lifting capacity than other hoisting options. Hoist UK offer three wire rope hoisting options that each have unique advantages and associated benefits and are each suited to different applications dependent on the user’s operation.

VT Electric Wire Rope Hoist

The Eurobloc VT electric wire rope hoist is a quality, heavy duty hoist best suited for high lifting capacities of 10,000kg or more and offers fast lifting speeds. The VT offers the smallest minimum hook height and hook approach distance on the market for a wire rope hoist, and there is also the possibility to adjust speed while travelling.

  • Galvanised steel wire rope
  • Rotating hook and pulley block with safety latch
  • Improved motor cooling
  • Overload limiter as standard
VT Electric Wire Rope Hoist
VM Essentials Electric Wire Rope Hoists (for use with crane kits only)

VM Essentials Electric Wire Rope Hoists (for use with crane kits only)

The Eurobloc VM Essentials electric wire rope hoist has been designed for use with crane kits only. Controlled by pendant or radio control, the Eurobloc VM is a more economical alternative to the VT electric wire rope hoist as unlike the VT as it's optimised for use on an overhead/underslung crane. The VM Essentials electric wire rope hoist is able to lifting loads ranging from 2,000kg to 20,000kg.

  • Dual speed travelling
  • Hoist brake designed for the lifetime of the hoist in normal use
  • Simplified design to reduce number of spare parts
  • Controlled by pendant or radio control
VM Essentials Electric Wire Rope Hoists

VT Open Barrel Electric Wire Rope Hoist

The Eurobloc VT open barrel electric wire rope hoist boasts the largest lifting capacity within the Verlinde range of electric wire rope hoists, with a safe working load of 10,000kg to 250,000kg and a height of lift up to 129 metres. The hoist also provides rapid and variable lifting speeds by closed loop inverter technology and the large load capacity is achieved without having to utilise a twin hoist combination.

  • A standard maintenance platform is available as an option
  • Innovative rope guide system reduces stress on the wire rope and improves life span
  • Drum design will increase lifetime of the steel wire rope
  • Hoist brake designed for optimal safety
VT Open Barrel Electric Wire Rope Hoist
VT Open Barrel Electric Wire Rope Hoist

When would you choose an Electric Wire Rope Hoist?

Wire Rope Hoists are most commonly made from galvanised steel, with stainless steel available as an option. They are most suited to lifting and handling heavier loads due to their sturdy construction formed by twisting several wires together and wrapping them around a central core (usually fibre), and it is this process where the name ‘wire rope’ is derived. The resulting product is extremely strong and highly reliable.

  • Typically used in permanent installation but can be moved around as and when required.
  • There are different types of wire rope hoists with different drum and motor combinations. Your intended application will determine the most suitable wire rope hoist i.e. grooved drums can be used to increase accuracy, multiple drums can be used to compound strength.
  • A top running configuration is available with the VT Open Barrel Electric Wire Rope Hoist, as well as double girder trolleys for the VT Electric Wire Rope Hoist and VM Essentials Wire Rope Hoist.
  • Wire rope hoist configurations include fixed mount, low headroom, normal headroom and double girder trolley.
  • A wire rope hoist lifts and lowers by winding/unwinding the wire rope on the length of the drum which means that with standard reeving, anything the wire rope hoist lifts or lowers will move laterally along during the operation.
  • For operations with limited space or reduced working room a wire rope hoist may not be suitable.
  • Wire rope hoists are the obvious choice for heavier loads and they are also best suited to long working hours or handling a high volume of loads within a short period of time and perform well in extreme environments like intense heat or harsh weather conditions.

A Turnkey Lifting Solutions Provider

Sometimes supplying the right lifting equipment simply isn't enough. We understand that our customers require an end-to-end solution and for over 10 years Hoist UK has established itself as a turnkey provider of quality, innovative lifting solutions including; design, manufacture, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and preventative maintenance.

Our range of services has been designed with our customers in mind so that we are able to fulfil any projects requirements. We understand that not every customer wants or needs an 'out of the box' product and often their are elements of the solution that need to be tailored to each customer's operation and unique application. Equally their are challenges to overcome whether it's the operating environment i.e. cleanroom or explosion proof, facility obstructions i.e. low headroom working environment or structural support challenges, which is why our technical teams of designers and engineers apply their knowledge and experience to each project so we can deliver a robust, innovative solution with a lifting solution that is not only fit for purpose but is safe and technically correct.

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