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As a business Hoist UK Ltd is closely monitoring the ever changing COVID-19 outbreak, the spread of the virus internationally and the decisions made by governments worldwide.

In an effort to help minimise the threat of COVID-19 to our business and especially to our staff and our customers we are currently limiting our travel activities to a minimum and are re-assigning outside commitments for our more vulnerable staff. For the time being we will attempt to complete all business transactions and communications by all other means possible such as phone, email, Skype or Teams etc to avoid any unnecessary contact.

Where we have to enter your premises for installation, essential maintenance or servicing we will attempt to keep contact to a minimum and will of course follow your own internal procedures for the containment of this virus. We hope that the steps we take together will lessen the effect of the Coronavirus and minimise the spread of the disease.

We are doing everything we can to ensure continuity and continuance of business “as usual” and are doing as much as we can to avoid cancellations and delays, however as you can imagine all of our suppliers are being affected in the same way and need to inform you that because of this, there may be some delays or disruption to our normal supply chain.

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times and assure you that we are taking every step necessary to ensure your safety and mitigate the spread of the disease whilst providing the best service we can to all our customers.

We will be keeping this post updated so please check back for any further updates.