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Robust by Design

We have designed our Integrated Lighting Bar Winch to create a robust lighting bar solution. The system features our Pilewind Winch which is integrally mounted inside a stick of either 30cm or 52cm BASICS truss, which has no internal diagonals.

The standard lighting bar winch can accommodate safe working loads of 125kg and 250kg, but we can also manufacture our Integrated Lighting Bar Winch for load capacities of up to 990kg upon request.

The winch can accommodate up to 6 lines coming off the drum to support the lighting bar and the winch is fitted with an integral safety gear within the gear box to ensure safe arrest of the load.

Integral Safety Gear

Our integral safety gear, within the self sustaining gear box, has been designed to act as a secondary safety feature to facilitate safe arrest of the load in the unlikely event that the main gear drive fails. When the secondary gear is engaged, it locks the drive shaft preventing the load from dropping.

The Integrated Lighting Bar Winch also features a six position gear driven electrical limit switches fitted (upper and lower working and safety limits, plus 2 additional limits for auxiliary switching).


Ideally suited for small studios, theatres and school applications our Integrated Lighting Bar Winch has been designed for use where the installation of an individual winch and pulley system is problematic and a single unit is preferred.

The Integrated Lighting Bar Winch is also a good fit for hire solutions. Instead of fixing loads of pulleys to the ceiling you could fix couplers to existing truss to suspend the Integrated Lighting Bar Winch, which means there’s no drilling on site which saves time and expense.

Mounting brackets are available to suit your individual application.