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Overhead Cranes for National Satellite Testing Facility Hoist UK was approached by the Mace Group, the main contractor for the NSTF project, to provide overhead cranes for the facility. Hoist UK was chosen due to their experience...
Overhead Crane System for the scene dock at the National Theatres Dorfman Theatre
Overhead Crane System at the National Theatre’s ‘Dorfman Theatre’ Scene Dock The National Theatre required an overhead crane system to be installed on the scene dock for the Dorfman Theatre to assist their teams with set builds.
Bespoke monorail hoisting system with an automated vertical oscillation element
Bespoke Monorail Hoisting System with Automated Vertical Oscillation Element for Aerospace Customer Hoist UK have recently supplied a bespoke monorail hoisting system with an automated vertical oscillation element for a large aerospace manufacturer based in the United Kingdom.
Runout Crane with VR Electric Chain Hoist for Food Industry Customer
Runout Crane Lifting and Handling Solution Hoist UK supplied and installed a 2.7m run out crane with a lifting capacity of 3.2 tonnes, complete with VR16 Electric Chain Hoist to a food industry customer so that...
Overhead Crane System, Industrial
Bespoke Crane System, Industrial Hoist UK have designed, supplied and installed a bespoke overhead crane system at a large manufacturing plant in the North West.
Mars Rover Bespoke Monorail Hoist Clean Room
Bespoke Monorail Cleanroom Hoist, Mars Rover Designed and manufactured a bespoke Monorail Hoisting solution to cleanroom standards for the Mars Rover testing facility at Airbus in Stevenage.
Trains Component Assembly, UK Commission, supply and install of a crane system within a production facility.
Eurosystem Light Crane System
A House of Stone A Lancaster based stone manufacturer required a lifting and handling solution to facilitate the safe and easy movement of cumbersome pieces of stone within their workshop.
Overhead crane system for entertainment sector
The Royal Opera House London's West End is home to the Royal Opera House, a theatre famed for it's elaborate sets and props. Hoist UK worked with the Royal Opera House to plan a...