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Safe Working Period (SWP) Calculator

Our Safe Working Period (SWP) utility is designed to calculate the theoretical remaining safe working period (SWP) of your hoists to help you determine the indicative amount of operational time left before a General Overhaul (GO) or replacement of the unit should occur.

It is a requirement of the Machinery Directive for you to be able to evaluate the available remaining duty life of your equipment, as well as being maintained in accordance with the manufacturer recommendations and inspected in accordance with the regulations in force, which in the case of the United Kingdom is the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER).

The utility is provided free to use and designed for companies / individuals who do not log their lifting operations for each hoists in a log book, but want to keep this information along with their service and inspection records for each hoist in their possession.

By completing the boxes below the calculation utility will calculate the theoretical remaining operation time of your hoist before the FEM duty lifetime of the equipment expires.

You can also use this utility to check what the duty of a hoist you are about to purchase should be in order to give you the operational lifetime you want for this purchase.

In this instance complete the boxes with the lifting operations you will perform over the coming years and will be able to compare hoists with different FEM /ISO duties to ensure you are purchasing equipment which gives you the operational lifetime you want and will give you equipment that should be fit for purpose.

This Safe Working Period (SWP) Calculator should be used in accordance and acceptance of the calculator notes.



If your hoist is used at 100% of its rated Safe Working Load (SWL) for 50% of its working time then put 50 into the column adjacent to the 100% of the lifted load.

Complete all the other boxes as necessary but please ensure the working time of the hoist adds up to 100% or an error message will display.

Lifted Load (%) Working Time (%)

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Note: When your hoist reaches a Safe Working Period (SWP) of zero (0) a General Overhaul (GO) in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations should be carried out. If the GO is not economically viable then the unit should be replaced immediately as it has exceeded its service life time under the Machinery Directive. The hoist still needs to be serviced and in accordance with the manufacturer recomentations and LOLER throughout its operational life time.